ClevGuard vs FlexiSPY — Proof That FlexiSPY Is The Better Monitoring App

FlexiSPY is more affordable than ClevGuard, has more features, and is more powerful.

  • Cheaper than ClevGuard — FlexiSPY starts at $29.95
  • Does things ClevGuard cannot — FlexiSPY is invisible on Android 10-13
  • Easier to use than ClevGuard — FREE FlexiVIEW app
  • More secure than ClevGuard — No FlexiSPY Data Breaches
  • Better reliability than ClevGuard FlexiSPY is The Original Since 2005
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Read on to discover why we win the FlexiSPY vs ClevGuard contest

FlexiSPY vs ClevGuard — Comparison Table

FlexiSPY is for the most demanding detectives who leave nothing to chance.

Look below for proof that FlexiSPY is more affordable, has more features, and is more powerful

$29.95 / $39.95
Completely hidden on Android 10-13
Email Tracking

Phone Call Interception

IM Call Recording

Record Phone Surroundings

Supports Latest Phones
SpyCall (Live Listen)
Take Photo/Video with Phone Camera
Remotely Update Software
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FlexiSPY — The Original Since 2006

At FlexiSPY, we know a thing or two about how to make reliable mobile monitoring software — because we created the spyphone industry in 2006  — and have led the pack ever since.

Think of FlexiSPY as the master craftsman against the low cost counterfeit sweatshop.

Since 2006, when we created the world's first spyphone — we continue to design, develop, test, market and support all our own products — nothing is outsourced and everything is done under one roof.

All this adds up to a better product and strong customer satisfaction — unlike most others, who are just marketers reselling inferior technology sourced from the lowest bidder.

Choose FlexiSPY, and you get the innovation, reliability and quality that comes with fourteen years of experience developing a technology that has been used by millions the world over.

Unique Product, Unique Features

Let's look at just a few areas where our differences shine through

Focused on Instant Messaging

For the younger generation, SMS and Phone calls are dead — it's all about social media and instant messengers. FlexiSPY is designed to be the premier instant messaging monitoring application with features such as capturing both sides of the conversation, and the ability to view stickers.

Monitors All Audio Streams

Unlike ClevGuard, FlexiSPY allows you to listen to and record audio from sources like IM calls made over Facebook Messenger.

Powerful Remote Control

Turn your phone into a remotely controlled camera and video recorder — open the phones microphone to listen to surroundings.

Free FlexiVIEW Mobile App

Access recent and critical data on-the-move with our intuitive mobile viewer app for Android and iPhone — free with every purchase.

Always Know With App Screenshot

IM’s update all the time. When this happens competitors rush to play catch-up to update their software, and you lose out on valuable chats.

Our unique app screenshot feature means when an app like WhatsApp is updated, you won’t notice because you’ll still be able to see screenshots of the chats.

Has The Best Data Security

Customers rarely think about data security until hacks happen.

Skipping security makes the price of monitoring apps lower, but there are real consequences to ignoring security.

We are proud to say that FlexiSPY has a 100% perfect track record when it comes to its customer's data being compromised.

Unfortunately, our competitors can not say the same.

Check out the hacked spy app hall of shame

The Best For Value

Value means different things to different people.

Whether you're a budget conscious buyer, or a professional who cannot compromise on being able to get every piece of information available, FlexiSPY's product range has you covered.

From our FlexiSPY LITE product — which is the most affordable in the industry — to FlexiSPY EXTREME, which is unique in the industry, we have something that's perfect for everyone.

You Don't Have To Take Our Word For It

Here's what customers who made the switch to FlexiSPY using our Trade-In program had to say about XNSPY

May 11, 2024
Too many redownloads for updates, target device could detect things like photos and recording the surround sounds, did not always have messages recorded properly, false locations, false record of internet history.
April 8, 2024
Can't login randomly. Constant network errors. Flakey operation.
April 1, 2024
Target knows when being recorded and he sees the system service update icon
March 30, 2024
Dont easy to install, and does not allow proper monitoring of some messages
March 13, 2024
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Still need more information?

Read our Full ClevGuard Review Below

What is ClevGuard?

ClevGuard is a Chinese monitoring app marketed to parents who want to keep a closer eye on their kid’s online activities and whereabouts.

Starting at $29.95 per month, KidsGuard Pro offers a set of basic monitoring features such as device Location, Call Logs, Key Logs, Browser History, and App Activity.

Any captured data is then uploaded to the user’s portal where it can be viewed or downloaded. Unfortunately, ClevGuard does not offer a free Mobile Viewer App that lets users view data on-the-go, a feature exclusive to the original spy app for parental control.  

For this review, we tested ClevGuard’s main parental control product called KidsGuard Pro for Android to see how it holds up against FlexiSPY.

Before we Proceed

Please note that at the time of testing several features offered by KidsGuard Pro such as Call Recording, Social Media Tracking, Ambient Recording, and Video Monitoring do not work as advertised, if at all. And unlike other products marketed for parental control, KidsGuard Pro does not offer any restrictive features such as call, app, or website blocking.  

Based on our testing, the software can only be fully hidden on Huawei devices — on other Android phones such as Samsung, the KidsGuard icon is only disguised in the app drawer and detectable.

ClevGuard does not offer an installation service. Instead, they provide an in-portal self-help check list for customers to troubleshoot and solve issues on their own.  

Our verdict? Despite being priced similarly to competitors, KidsGuard Pro offers limited monitoring and lacks essential features such as email tracking, video recording, and IM tracking that does more than simply showing notifications.  

If you are looking for a reliable solution that can be installed for you, works as advertised, and is hidden and undetectable on all Android devices, then ClevGuard may not be the right choice for your needs.  

Features & Pricing

ClevGuard offers 5 products:

KidsGuard Pro for WhatsApp ($19.95/mo), KidsGuard Pro for iPhone ($39.95/mo), KidsGuard Pro for iCloud ($29.95/mo), and the most popular — Kidsguard Pro for Android ($29.95/mo).  

The company also recently launched a solution for monitoring Windows PC called MoniVisor ($49.95/mo) that we hope to test out soon.  

Like other monitoring products, the pricing for KidsGuard Pro varies based on the duration of your subscription. To get the most value, many customers choose an annual subscription to lower costs in the long-term.

Now that we have an idea how much KidsGuard Pro costs, let’s explore some app features.  

KidsGuard Pro Features  


See who your kids are talking to, how often, and at what times.

KidsGuard lets you track all incoming and outgoing calls to the target device including date and time stamps.  

The best monitoring apps will offer more insight than simple call logs, allowing you to record entire conversations and even listen in live on calls. Unfortunately, ClevGuard’s advertised Call Recording feature was not functional for all the Android devices we tested.  

GPS Location and Geo-Fencing

Always know where the target device is by tracking its’ GPS Location.  

KidsGuard Pro’s GPS tracking is accurate with reliable data uploads. You will also be able to set-up Geo-Fencing to be notified when your child or employee enters a designated area.  

Social Media Tracking

Traditional calls and text messages are rarely used nowadays - this especially true with kids and teenagers who prefer to communicate on Instant Messaging platforms such as LINE and Whatsapp. If you are looking to keep an eye on your children’s mobile and web activities,  it is imperative that your choice of spy app offers reliable IM Monitoring.

This is a huge drawback of KidsGuard Pro as their social media tracking does not capture any messages. For example, some social apps such as Instagram and Tinder only displayed notifications, while others such as Snapchat, did not display any data whatsoever.  

Whether this is on purpose or due to technical limitations, the usefulness of IM app notifications is debatable especially when compared to greater insights available with other monitoring apps.

Below are some examples of type of the social media tracking you can expect with KidsGuard Pro.  

Keystroke Logging

KidsGuard will track keystrokes on most devices, and is definitely one of the app’s more reliable features. Whether keyboard input is done in an app or browser - users will be able to view everything that is typed on the target device.  

Notable drawbacks  

  • Visibility on Android 10 and above: not hidden on most Android devices
  • No restriction features despite being marketed for parental control  
  • Social media only tracks notifications (no messages or attachments)  
  • No E-mail tracking
  • No video tracking (all you get is a thumbnail picture)

  • No advanced features such as Call recording, Call interception, IM call recording, Ambient recording, or SpyCall
  • Limited customer service  
  • No installation service

If you are looking to monitor an Android device in real-time and want access to best-in-class features, consider FlexiSPY for Android.  

KidsGuard Pro VS. FlexiSPY for Android  

Both ClevGuard and FlexiSPY offer monitoring software for the latest Android phones. However, the difference between the two is the depth and quality of features available.

Compare the features available with the two Android monitoring products below.

KidsGuard Pro for Android
Compatible up to Android 11
Price: $29.95/month

FlexiSPY for Android
Compatible up to Android 11
Price: $29.95/month

  • Dashboard
  • SMS
  • Call Logs
  • Contacts
  • Photos
  • Keylogger
  • Video Preview
  • Browser History
  • Calendar
  • App Activities
  • GPS Locations
  • Wi-Fi Locations
  • Location History
  • Geofence
  • Facebook
  • Capture Screenshots
  • Take Photos
  • Data Export
  • Free Updates
  • Stealth Mode  

  • Calls
  • Call Recording
  • IM Calls
  • IM Call Recording
  • Call Interception
  • SpyCall
  • Ambient Recording
  • Keylogger
  • Spoof SMS
  • SMS Keyword deletion
  • GPS Location  
  • Geo-fencing (Location Alerts)
  • Caller ID Alert
  • Keyword Alerts
  • SIM Change Notification  
  • App Screenshots  
  • SMS
  • Photo
  • Video
  • Audio files  
  • Emails  
  • Browser Activity  
  • App Activity  
  • Network Connections
  • Contacts
  • Calendars, Notes, Reminders
  • Visibility option  
  • Desktop Remote Commands  
  • SMS Remote Commands  
  • Automatic Updates and Renewals  

As seen above, FlexiSPY for Android offers more features for a similar price. It is also compatible with all the latest Android devices.

Is KidsGuard Pro Truly Hidden?

KidsGuard Pro is capable of being hidden on Huawei devices. However, on other phone models the app is not fully hidden but rather disguised.

After installation, KidsGuard Pro icon will appear then change to ‘System Update Service’. It will then remain in the app drawer and cannot be hidden. There are only a few apps that can be truly hidden on Android so do your research to find out which software really offers discreet and reliable monitoring.  

During testing, KidsGuard Pro constantly triggered warnings from the device manufacturer during installation and often when wanted to run an app on the target device. Also, even with Google Play Protect off, we received a warning each time the phone was restarted or if there was an update.  

Easy to Detect, Easy to Remove  

Not only is KidsGuard exposed on most Android devices, removing this parental control app takes minutes. For a quick step-by-step guide, see here.  

Data security: Can I trust ClevGuard?

Can I trust ClevGuard with my credentials and child’s information?  

When it comes to selecting the right monitoring app, making sure your family’s data will remain safe is vital. Unfortunately, the industry has experienced a string of data leaks in recent years – so it’s important to do your due diligence before buying anything.  

In the case of ClevGuard, they have recently been exposed for poor data security, having leaked the confidential info of thousands of their customers, or shall we say ‘victims’.  

‘The app was exfiltrating the contents of victims’ phones to an Alibaba cloud storage bucket — which was named to suggest that the bucket only stored data collected from Android devices. It’s believed the bucket was inadvertently set to public, a common mistake made — often caused by human error — nor was it protected with a password.’ (

It’s also important to note the growing influence the Chinese government has over PRC and Hong Kong-based tech firms such as ClevGuard. At the very least, US an EU-based monitoring firms adhere to policies dedicated to their customer’s data security such as the  General Data Protection Regulation (EU) and The Cloud Act (USA) and can be held accountable when things go wrong.  

The point of investing in a parental control app is to keep your children safe. As such, any history of compromised servers and data leaks should be a major red flag for any parent.

ClevGuard Customer Support

From navigating installation and device permissions to dealing with hardware updates and human error – getting spy apps to work seamlessly can get really complicated. Given this, the best spy apps offer 24/7 Live Chat, E-mail support that replies within a couple workdays, and an easy-to-navigate knowledge base where customers can troubleshoot issues themselves.  

A world away from other competitors we have tested, our experience with ClevGuard’s customer service was underwhelming to say the least.

What stood out was the lack of communication channels and disregard for replying to inquiries. In fact, at the time of writing we have not received any replies to the tickets created from their online forms.

Support Channels

ClevGuard advertises two support channels on their website. However, a closer look reveals that only one is viable as it is unlikely that any customers will be looking for tech support via traditional mailing services. This would simply be impractical, time-consuming, and can only be used in the rarest of circumstances such as submitting hardcopy legal documents.  

Despite this, ClevGuard features snail mail as a primary method of getting in touch to ask questions or submit inquiries next to their only real support channel, online forms.  

ClevGuard Customer Service Responsiveness

When paying a monthly premium for monitoring software, you expect customer support that is readily available and replies within 1 or 2 business days.  

Above is an automated reply we received after asking ClevGuard whether their spy icon can be hidden on Android 10. Again, to this day we did not receive a follow-up to our ticket inquiry.

If you are someone who values doing your homework before buying anything, then be prepared to be very patient with ClevGuard. You’ll be unable to confirm device compatibility or get any pre-sale questions answered quickly.  

Although these are some of the most important considerations before buying any monitoring app, the only product information available on ClevGuard’s site are FAQs and feature info you must assume to be up-to-date and accurate.  

In a nutshell, to get any product information or make inquiries you’ll have to email ClevGuard support directly. Then fingers crossed, you will be waiting for a prompt reply – Chinese holiday permitting.  

Why is FlexiSPY Better than ClevGuard?

The truth is, no other monitoring app is capable of offering the same depth of features as the Original Spy App.  

FlexiSPY works smoothly on Android, iOS, PC, & MAC devices. Compared to ClevGuard, FlexiSPY not only offers more features but also better Customer Support with multiple communication channels, including a 24-hour Live Chat where customers can get information in real-time.

Advanced features such as Spy Call, Call Intercept, REM VID, SMS Remote Commands, and Spoof SMS are exclusive to FlexiSPY EXTREME – the industry’s most powerful package with serious spy features for parents, employers, and professionals who leave nothing to chance.

FlexiSPY is also the leading instant messaging monitoring application. No competitors come close to the coverage provided by this powerful spy app.

Most importantly, FlexiSPY is the only spy app that works as advertised.

  • 30+ features more than any competitor
  • Unlike ClevGuard, FlexiSPY is completely hidden on Android 11 Devices
  • Most Advanced features of any monitoring app
  • 3 Packages: LITE, PREMIUM, EXTREME to match any budget
  • Features work as advertised on Android and IOS
  • Unique free mobile app that provides up-to-date data on-the-go available for Android and iOS
  • Hands-on reputable Customer Support
  • Trusted Data Security with a proven track record
  • Best-in-class Android, iPhone, PC, and Mac monitoring  
  • Trade-in Programs designed to help competitor’s scammed or unsatisfied customers