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Ambient Recording
Ambient Recording

Record a Phone’s Surroundings Remotely

Ambient Recording is a FlexiSPY feature that allows you to discreetly record a phone’s surroundings and listen later. You can begin recording on-demand or set specific times to record and our Ambient Recording feature will automatically upload the audio files to your online user portal for convenient listening.

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What you can do with our Ambient Recording feature

With Ambient Recording, you can remotely activate the target’s cell phone microphone and record what is going on around them. Our ambient recording app makes it possible to:

  • Record phone surroundings without needing physical access to the target device
  • Save the ambient recording and listen later
  • Remain completely undetected at all times
  • Create scheduled Ambient Recordings.

Why you need to record a phone’s surroundings

There are many reasons why someone would need to remotely activate a cell phone microphone and make a recording. For example, FlexiSPY’s ambient recording acts as a second pair of ears so you can ensure your children are safe if they are out for the night or that your employees are making a strong impression during a presentation.

Our hidden spy voice recorder is a powerful tool that is beneficial for both personal and professional use.

Benefits for Parents

Ambient recording gives you peace of mind knowing your children are safe. If you have concerns about who your kids are spending time with - or if they have engaged in risky behavior in the past – being able to listen in remotely can help you confirm exactly what they are doing, especially whether or not they are making smart decisions while unsupervised.

More and more parents are using our ambient recording feature as an added layer of protection against today’s many varied threats. For example, in the unfortunate scenario where your child goes missing, our ambient recording app makes it possible for you to gather evidence about where they are.

Benefits for Employers

Remote listening is a great way to keep track of employees who work from home or for employers to listen back to sales presentations or client meetings and provide feedback on how their staff can improve.

Ambient recording can also be used to confirm suspicions that an employee is sharing sensitive company information with a competitor. FlexiSPY provides you with up to an hour of recording at a time and automatically saves the file to your online portal to be conveniently viewed or downloaded.

Benefits for Individuals

FlexiSPY users have lauded our ambient recording feature for its practical applications in everyday life. Use our hidden voice recorder to record important meetings or to make sure you don’t miss any details in your lecture before final exams.

In another more serious scenario, if find yourself victim of sexual harassment at the office, FlexiSPY makes it possible to record your surroundings as evidentiary support of wrongdoing.

How does it work?

FlexiSPY is easy to setup and use

If you’re a parent or an employer, you have a duty to know — Discover the truth, spy on their phone or tablet

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