Automatically Record Intercepted Phone Calls

FlexiRECORD records spy calls to your computer so you can listen to them at any time

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Use your PC to automatically record phone calls

Install FlexiRECORD on a PC, connect an Android phone to the network and you can automatically record intercepted phone conversations from our Live Listen or EXTREME products.

FlexiRECORD offers convenience

The standard FlexiSPY Live Listen lets you listen to phone conversations in real time, but you have to manually respond to the notification and then listen. FlexiRECORD frees you from doing this. It will automatically record intercepted phone calls on any TARGET mobile that is running FlexiSPY Live Listen. The software then detects when an intercepted call is happening on the TARGET mobile (using the attached Android device). It then automatically starts recording and stores the audio in mp3 format on your hard drive for later analysis.

Record Spy Calls

FlexiRECORD makes and records spycalls (ambient sounds of the target mobile) using the PC interface.

Control Multiple Targets

FlexiSPY products are remotely controlled using SMS commands. FlexiRECORD allows you to specify multiple target device and control them using a graphical interface to send these commands. It's also intelligent enough to automatically reconfigure itself if the SIM card in the target device is changed. The attached Android device is used to send and receive these SMS.

Even Record Regular Phone Calls

Using the connected Android device, you can place and record regular phone calls that you make.

How It Works

Simply connect an Android cell phone to your computer's sound card and install the FlexiRECORD software. FlexiRECORD uses the connected cell phone to make and record calls and send SMS commands. This technique gives you a highly portable solution that you can use on the move with a laptop.

How to Automatically Record Phone Calls with FlexiRECORD

  • Connect any Android cell phone to your computer's sound card and install FlexiRECORD.
  • Once installed the software uses your attached cell phone to communicate with your FlexiSPY EXTREME target phone.
  • It will place and record call, and send SMS commands to control multiple FlexiSPY EXTREME target phones.

A common use for FlexiRECORD

John purchased EXTREME and is using it successful to monitor an employee suspected of stealing insider information, however he has to manually intercept each call. To make the whole process easier John purchased FlexiRECORD. Now all calls are automatically intercepted and recorded to his P.C. John can now listen to the captured calls at his leisure.