The FlexiSPY FAQ

Below you can find the answers to the most popular questions customers have about FlexiSPY.

What is FlexiSPY?

FlexiSPY is software you install on to a phone, tablet or computer to monitor and record its activities.

Why Use FlexiSPY?

FlexiSPY is used to monitor children and employees or to backup or remotely control your own phone.

How do I install FlexiSPY?

You must have physical access to the device to install FlexiSPY. It cannot be installed remotely.

How many devices can I install FlexiSPY on to?

You can only install FlexiSPY on to one device per license purchase. However, you can deactivate and move that license to another device as many times as you want during your subscription.

Is FlexiSPY visible?

FlexiSPY offers you the choice of visibility. You can choose to hide the software icon after you install FlexiSPY. You can read more about how to do this here.

Is FlexiSPY legal?

FlexiSPY is legal to install on your own phone. If you are installing FlexiSPY onto a phone that you do not own, then you must have express permission from the device owner to do so before installing FlexiSPY.

Will you automatically charge my card at the end of my subscription?

No. FlexiSPY does not automatically renew your subscription once it expires. You must renew your subscription manually yourself to continue service.

Can I upgrade to different versions of FlexiSPY without reinstalling?

Yes, upgrades can generally be done remotely.

Do you offer a refund policy?

We offer a refund policy whose terms you can read here.

Do you have a chargeback policy?

Preplanned chargebacks are a form of fraud If you are thinking of using our products and then doing a chargeback, please read this.

How long is data stored on your servers?

Data stored on our servers is automatically and permanently deleted after 90 days. We provide a tool for you to download your data for archiving which you can read about here.

What else do I need to know about FlexiSPY?

For iOS devices you must jailbreak the device first before installing FlexiSPY. You can read more about how to do that here.

You do not need to do anything special to install our software on to an Android device. However certain advanced features will not work if the Android device is not rooted. You can read more about rooting and how to do it here.

Alternatively, if you want someone else to help you jailbreak or root your device and install FlexiSPY then you can use our installation service. You can find out more about the service here.

Do you have any discounts?

We have discounts for purchases of multiple licenses. Please contact support for details by submitting a support ticket here.

I have more questions.

Please speak to our presales team using live chat if you have any more questions before you purchase FlexiSPY. For technical support you must submit a support ticket to us at our support center here.

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