Highster Mobile vs FlexiSPY — Proof That FlexiSPY Is The Better Monitoring Application

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Read on to discover why we win the FlexiSPY vs Highster contest

FlexiSPY vs Highster — Comparison Table

FlexiSPY is for the most demanding detectives who leave nothing to chance.

Look below for proof that FlexiSPY is more affordable, has more features, and is more powerful

Completely hidden on Android 11-13
Phone Call Recording
Phone Call Interception
Read IM Calls
Record Phone Surroundings
Listen to Phone Surroundings Live
Take Photo/Video with Phone Camera
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FlexiSPY — The Original Since 2006

At FlexiSPY, we know a thing or two about how to make reliable mobile monitoring software — because we created the spyphone industry in 2006  — and have led the pack ever since.

Think of FlexiSPY as the master craftsman against the low cost counterfeit sweatshop.

Since 2006, when we created the world's first spyphone — we continue to design, develop, test, market and support all our own products — nothing is outsourced and everything is done under one roof.

All this adds up to a better product and strong customer satisfaction — unlike most others, who are just marketers reselling inferior technology sourced from the lowest bidder.

Choose FlexiSPY, and you get the innovation, reliability and quality that comes with fourteen years of experience developing a technology that has been used by millions the world over.

Unique Product, Unique Features

Let's look at just a few areas where our differences shine through

Focused on Instant Messaging

For the younger generation, SMS and Phone calls are dead — it's all about social media and instant messengers. FlexiSPY is designed to be the premier instant messaging monitoring application with features such as capturing both sides of the conversation, and the ability to view stickers.

Monitors All Audio Streams

Unlike Highster, FlexiSPY allows you to listen to and record audio from sources likeregular phone calls, and IM calls like those made over Facebook Messenger.

Powerful Remote Control

Turn your phone into a remotely controlled camera and video recorder — open the phones microphone to listen to surroundings.

Free FlexiVIEW Mobile App

Access recent and critical data on-the-move with our intuitive mobile viewer app for Android and iPhone — free with every purchase.

Always Know With App Screenshot

IM’s update all the time. When this happens competitors rush to play catch-up to update their software, and you lose out on valuable chats.

Our unique app screenshot feature means when an app like WhatsApp is updated, you won’t notice because you’ll still be able to see screenshots of the chats.

Has The Best Data Security

Customers rarely think about data security until hacks happen.

Skipping security makes the price of monitoring apps lower, but there are real consequences to ignoring security.

We are proud to say that FlexiSPY has a 100% perfect track record when it comes to its customer's data being compromised.

Unfortunately, our competitors can not say the same.

Check out the hacked spy app hall of shame

The Best For Value

Value means different things to different people.

Whether you're a budget conscious buyer, or a professional who cannot compromise on being able to get every piece of information available, FlexiSPY's product range has you covered.

From our FlexiSPY LITE product — which is the most affordable in the industry — to FlexiSPY EXTREME, which is unique in the industry, we have something that's perfect for everyone.

You Don't Have To Take Our Word For It

Here’s what customers who made the switch to FlexiSPY using our Trade-In Program had to say about Highster Mobile

April 21, 2024
Never worked
October 12, 2023
Gps loc3stion is never correct and it doesn't show all of text nessages
July 25, 2022
July 22, 2022
I couldn’t log on because it never let me set up and account, and doesn’t give an option to
March 23, 2022
None of the features worked, no logging, it ruined the target iphones keyboard, it did not show any messages, photos, logging, literally none of the features, and support is nonexistent
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Still need more information?

Read our Full Highster Mobile Review Below

What is Highster?

Highster Mobile is a parental control app that offers basic monitoring features for a one-time payment that gives you a lifetime subscription.

Like other monitoring software, Highster gives users access to text messages, photos, videos, GPS location, and other basic monitoring features. The app is compatible with Android up to OS 9, and it’s iCloud Data Back-up solution will work on any OS, assuming you have access to the device and credentials to bypass 2FA each time it’s needed.

Please note that there is currently only one reliable iPhone monitoring product on the market.

How does it work? Choose between Highster Basic $29.99 or Highster Pro $69.99, get access to the target device, then download and activate the software.

With the convenience of a one-time payment, Highster helps keep your children safe and employees productive – or so they claim. In this article, we will look at Highster’s compatibility and features, explore limitations, and help you properly vet this app.

Before we Proceed

Pressed for time or in a hurry? Here are a few important discoveries we wanted to highlight which may disqualify Highster as a viable option immediately.

  1. Highster does not offer a reliable Refund Policy - a clause stipulates that the customer waives any rights to claim a refund if the license is activated or any data is uploaded.
  2. To download the software more than once you’ll have to pay an extra 30 dollars for the “Highster Mobile Extended Download Warranty”.  
  3. Highster Mobile does not offer any Advanced Spy Features on Android or iOS.
  4. Highster’s No-jailbreak solution is not a viable iPhone product due to Apple’s2FA security policy.
  5. Highster is incompatible with Android 10.  
  6. Highster is not hidden.

Can Highster’s subscription really stand the test of time – or will it be confirmed as a limited and detectable spy app? Let’s start by looking at what devices Highster is compatible with.

Is Highster Compatible with my Device?

 Android Devices

  1. Compatible up until Android 9.0  
  2. Requires physical access to device and Rooting (despitewhat they advertise)
  3. Tracking Instant Messengers, SMS, Photos, Videos

iOS Devices (No-Jailbreak)

  1. Compatible with all iOS versions
  2. Requires iCloud login credentials
  3. Requires physical access to device to bypass 2FA.  
More on Compatibility

Unfortunately, Highster is currently not compatible with Android 10 devices and does not offer a desktop version for PCor MAC.

Like many other spy apps, Highster offers a No-Jailbreak iPhone product that simply don’t work as advertised. These are misleading,impractical, offer little value for money, and come with a variety of limitations and restrictions.

In fact, there is only one app on the market that offers legit iPhone monitoring with real insights, all-be-it in tethered mode.

Given that you’ll be paying a premium and waiving all rights to a claim just by activating the license, you’re going to want to make sure Highster will work on the device you’re looking to monitor BEFORE buying anything.

The convenience of a one-time-payment should not matter when you’re not paying for quality and if there’s no guarantee that the software will function smoothly. This is especially true when considering similarly priced alternatives on the market that offer much more in terms of compatibility.

Features & Pricing

Higher Mobile comes in two packages: Basic for $29.99 and Pro for $69.99. Remember that selecting the right package for your needs is vital, as the difference between the two in terms of features is massive.

For $29.99, Basic will provide you with entry-level features such as monitoring calls, SMS, Emails and location. While Pro $69.99 offers parental control features such as website and app restrictions. You can compare the two below.

Features Table: Highster Basic and Highster Pro for Android

Highster Basic $29.99 gives you:

Upgrade  to Highster Premium $69.99 to get:

  • Calls
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • GPS Location
  • Emails
  • Browsing History
  • Installed apps
  • Block Calls
  • Block Websites
  • Block Applications
  • Keylogger
  • Networks
  • Geo-fencing
  • Instant Messengers

*Please note that you may find marketing material that promotes Highster as having Call Recording, Ambient Recording, and Stealth Camera – note that these are no longer available as you can see here.

Beware of Hidden and Extra Fees

Highster’s is perhaps most known for their one-time payment set-up.

There’s no subscription service so the one-time charge includes all future upgrades of the app for what they claim is a fixed fee of $69.99. Although this may be enticing - the truth is you can expect to pay closer to $130 for Highster, twice as much as advertised.

So, let’s look at what will you be paying for exactly?

  1. A service which allows you to download the software again if you lose the original or wish to change devices (Extended Download Warranty $29.99)
  2. Ability to get some help for the initial set-up (Premium Support Package $29.99)

We believe that an honest and reliable company would have some, if not all the above priced as part of its base package. Especially, customers should not be required to pay an extra fee to download the software again. Other spy apps allow customers to switch licenses between devices as many times as required free-of-charge.

Although advertised as only $69.99, the breakdown of what you’ll really be paying can be seen below.

  • Highster Mobile Pro Edition –$69.99
  • Highster Mobile Extended Download Warranty – $29.99
  • Highster Mobile Premium Support Package – $29.99

This brings the total price of Highster Pro to approximately $130.

 Sure, you could opt out of these extra costs during the initial purchase and pay for them later. However, you’ll find that these extra fees and services are in fact, required to get Highster to work in any capacity.

Pricing mechanics aside, let’s checkout some of Highster’s most useful features.      

Highster - Android vs iPhone Features

The features you’ll get with Highster depends on the Package and the Device you want to monitor.

The device’s operating system is especially important because despite the uniform pricing, there’s a vast difference between what spy apps can offer on Android, and what they claim to offer on iOS.

For example, are you looking to monitor a Samsung or an Apple X? The answer should greatly influence your choice of spy app as most,including Highster, are only viable on Android.

Having said that, Highster will work on Android devices up to OS 9 and can offer most of the features showcased below.

On the other hand, Highster’s No-Jailbreak iPhone product will give access to the same data you’d get when logging in to the iCloud Portal (Calls, Contacts, iMessages, GPS Location). One of many limitations of Highster’s dependence on the iCloud Data Back-up is that new info is only updated once every 24 hours. An unforgiving drawback for a Parental Control app to have, especially for concerned parents who need to know where their kids are in real-time.

Please also note that although not indicated in any of Highster’s promotional material, you will need physical access to bypass 2FA and in many cases, create a new iCloud Log-in (Apple Mail) and openly impose it upon the device owner. Due to these and other limitations of iCloud Spy Apps, we will be focusing on Highster’s Android features in the next section.

In terms of what’s available with each package, the main difference is that Basic only offers rudimentary data such as call logs,photos, and videos - while Pro will give you more useful Parental Control features such as keylogger and call, app, and website blocking.

Here’s a list of Highster’s features for Parental Control. Keep in mind that most will only work on the Pro plan and some are only available for Android.

Higshter Features for Parental Control:

Call Logs

Call logs and Call history are available with every spy app on the market. With Highster, you’ll be able to view all incoming and outgoing calls along with date and time stamps.

However, if you’re looking for real insights, you’ll need more advanced Parental Control features such as Call Recording, and Live Listening. As opposed to simply providing a number, these will provide context to all calls made or received by the device being monitored as well as evidence to be used as required.

Photos and Videos

You can view all photos and videos stored on the target device and access or download them from Highster’s dashboard. Note that the app does not retrieve any deleted multimedia.

Text Messages

View all text messages sent and received by the target device. However, you will not be able to view SMS that were sent or received before Highster was installed.  

It’s also important to mention that when it comes to Parental Control, most children no longer text and prefer to use Instant Messaging. So, if you’re looking to protect your kids, you’ll need an app with reliable IM monitoring app.

GPS Location

Highster’s GPS Tracker is integrated with Google Maps and lets you to know where the target device is and where it's been.  

You’ll also be informed of your child’s movements and receive alerts when the device enters or leaves a specified area with Geo-fencing. Regrettably, this useful Parental Control feature is only available with the Highster’s Pro package.

As such, we highly recommend FlexiSPY LITE,which will give you access to both features for an entry level price.

Browser History

View all websites visited including timestamps and bookmarks. As a parent, being able to monitor this data is powerful because you can get a real picture of your child’s interests, activities, and importantly – any risks or threats to their safety.

Keylogger (Pro only)

See everything that is typed on any app or website including messages,passwords, URLs, and so on.

For lifetime subscribers of Highster, this feature is unavailable on iOS and will only work on Android devices up to OS 9. In fact, the only place you’ll find a keylogger feature for iOS devices is with FlexiSPY for iPhones (Tethered Mode).

Instant Messengers (Pro only)

Highster lets you view logs of popular instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Viber, and WeChat.

No doubt this can be very useful intel for concerned parents. However, if we’re being honest, when it comes to your children’s safety no stone should be left unturned.

More than just logs and timestamps, IM Call Recording will give far deeper insight a long with evidence that can help stop and deter any threats to your child’s well-being.  

Restrictions – Call, App, & Web Blocking (Pro only)

For most devices running Android OS 9 and below, Highster Pro will let you block calls, apps, and websites. These are great features to help parents restrict their child’s activities on the device.

But how would you even know which number to block? To find out you’d need real spy features like Call Recording or Live Listening.

Restrictive features also mean that the device owner will always know they are being spied on, meaning Highster can never be truly hidden.

This won’t matter if you’re looking to monitor your kids transparently and have authority and access to the target device any time you want. Still, if you’re looking for a truly discreet spy app you should check out the Original Spy app.

Notable Drawbacks:

  • Icon not hidden on Android or iOS
  • No Viable Refund policy  
  • No Demo available
  • No Live Chat (phone and email only)
  • No Desktop version for PC or MAC
  • No iPhone monitoring (iCloud back-up only)
  • On Android, to get most features will require rooting despite what is advertised
  • Not compatible with Android 10
  • Limited features (no rooted or jailbroken product)
  • Pricey - $69.99, especially without free-trial, demo,or livechat to help confirm functionality and compatibility
  • Extra free of $30 to download software more than once


Highster is not hidden on Android and iOS devices.

Above is Highster’s E-mail Support admitting that the app cannot be hidden.

Who uses Highster Mobile?


With Highster Mobile parents can spy on their children’s mobile activities and view data such as SMS, calls, IMs, and GPS location. Armed with this information, they’ll be better positioned to prevent issues related to predatory behaviour and cyber bullying.

However, only the most reliable Parental Control apps on the market can truly give parents the knowledge and peace of mind that their children are safe.


Keep an eye on and protect your business. Spy apps will let employers monitor calls, texts, emails, browser activity and how time is spent on company mobile devices.

Unfortunately, Highster does not offer a desktop version – in our experience, most businesses prefer to install software onto existing PCs rather than issue out a fleet of company-issued mobiles.

Note that employees should be informed in writing and sign off on any monitoring you plan to do.


Do you often misplace your mobile or switch devices on the regular?

With monitoring software, you can use the GPS location feature to track your device down and retrieve data with the app’s Cloud-based back-up.

FlexiSPY is the only spy app that has all the Advanced Features required to offer a reliable out-of-the-box solution for all use cases listed above.

Is the One-time Payment for Highster Worth it?

For one thing, you won’t have to worry about renewing your subscription.

However, we’ve struggled to come up with another advantage. And to be honest given Highster’s bad reputation for Customer Support and keeping up with the latest OS updates, it’s time to seriously consider the worth of Highster’s one-time payment promise.

From reports of only being able to leave voicemails when trying to contact Highster’s listed number, to customers having to pay an extra fee to download the software again – Highster’s features and service are underwhelming for what it costs.

While other spy apps may only offer a monthly a quarterly fee, which by the way can be easily set on auto-renewal - they allow customers to switch licenses between devices a many time as required, free-of-charge.Furthermore, they’re motivated and inclined to constantly improve or risk losing their customers.

Regardless of how long you can use the software, for a $130 there’s just a few basic requirements you expect to be met.

For example, after paying a PREMIUM for a lifetime subscription, you’d expect:

  • To be able hide the spy icon. Highster is fully visible on the app drawer.
  • a live chat that helps you with pre-sale and compatibility inquiries in real-time
  • a fair and reliable refund policy
  • to be able to download the software more than once without having to pay an extra 30 dollars
  • Advanced spy features such as Call Recording, Ambient Recording, REM Call, & REM Vid
  • Some features to work on iOS devices
  • Android 10 Compatibility

Unfortunately, none of the above is true of Highster Mobile.

No Demo, No Trial, No Refund - Is Highster Reliable and Trustworthy?

It’s understandable that Highster doesn’t offer a free trial. In fact, most spy apps don’t. But without an on-site Demo or any way to see how the app works - Highster Mobile expects people to pay a premium for their product, then have a Refund Policy that hurt the customer with clauses such as this.

“No refund will be due if the license key is activated or if any data from a device is uploaded to online account”. - Highster Mobile Refund Policy Clause 19

Imagine that you’ve spent over a $130 expecting all the advertised features to work. According to this policy, if only 1 of 30 features actually pulls and uploads any data, say for example you can only view Call Logs and nothing else – you will not be eligible for any refund.

We’re particularly curious how, after buying the app, customers can know if features advertised work without activating the license or trying the app out on their phone or the target device. Remember, Highster does not offer a free-trial or Demo.

What if I don’t activate the license, and ask for a Refund before using the software at all? Clause 11.

"Personal reasons (I’ve changed my mind, I’ve made a purchase by mistake, Software was not used, etc.)” - Highster Mobile Refund Policy Clause 11

The bottom line is that with Highster’s Refund Policy, you’re unable to change your mind prior to activating the license, and you are unable to get a refund once you do activate the license. Of the 30 or so clauses on Highster’s refund policy, you’ll find that the two listed above are generic enough to ensure that the chances of customers getting a fair shot at a refund are slim to none.

Taken off a trusted review site, here’s one customer describing their experience with Highster’s refund policy:

“They have such a shady refund policy– in which there is no refund policy. Even if you have not used, they won’tissue you a refund whatsoever. This is the worst refund policy I have ever seen. I also noticed after requesting a refund, that they changed their terms and agreement just to try and trick me into thinking I didn’t read their fund policy correctly.”

From the complaints circulating the web, and our own tests of Highster, the signs are there to stay away. If you were unfortunate enough to have already purchased Highster Mobile and are unable to get a refund from them then we recommend you check out FlexiSPY’s Trade-in Program.

Trusted Spy Apps

Trusted spy apps will have Refund Policies that are fair to both the customer and the company and at the very least, reasonable. For example, FlexiSPY’s Refund Policy states that no refund will be issued if “the customer has not activated the FlexiSPY software”.This is not only the opposite of what Highster stipulates, it also makes a lot more sense to us. What do you think?

Let’s put it to the test, compare the two refund policies, and see for yourself which company is honest and straightforward with its customers.



Before buying a software with a less-than-stellar reputation such as Highster, make sure to READ THE FINE PRINT or you may just be throwing your money away.

We recommend you opt for more reliable and trusted software that can really provide you with meaningful insights.

Does Highster’s iPhone "No-Jailbreak" Solution Really Work?

Like other competitors offering No-Jailbreak Solutions, Highster’s iCloud spy app is a dud. This is especially true when comparing what you’re paying and the features you’ll get.

What really makes this product unviable are Apple’s 2FA security policies. These require you to have full control over the device owner’s log-in credentials and be able to manage their iCloud account regularly.

iCloud spy apps such as Highster cause ‘suspicious activity’ and causes the device owner to become locked out of their account. In order to unlock the account, you’re prompted to update the password or verify 2FA, and in many cases be required to create and enforce a new Apple Mail on the device owner. Please note that physical access to the device will be required each time this happens.

In fact, there is only one reliable iPhone monitoring app on the market today.

To find out more about what happens when you invest in an iCloud 'no-jailbreak' solution see here.

Why FlexiSPY is better than Highster Mobile

With its one-time purchase pricing structure Highster Mobile is one of the most known tracking apps out there. However,as you’ve seen in this review, Highster has several shortcomings and a bad reputation that was rightly earned.  

On the other hand, FlexiSPY offers unique features works with Android, iOS, PC, & MAC devices. And unlike Highster,the Original Spy app is up-front about what will and won’t work on your device.

A feature-packed app like FlexiSPY not only offers a flexible pricing structure, it comes with Advanced features such as Call Intercept, REM CAM, and REM VID. These are available only with FlexiSPYand offer deeper insights for serious detectives.

Furthermore, FlexiSPY is currently your only choice when it comes to iPhone monitoring having solidified their position with the new release of FlexiSPY iPhone Extreme Weekly - the most affordable spy app on the market. With this package you will get access to the industry leader's most advanced features such Call Recording, IM Call Recording, Spycall, Ambient Recording, and much more.

Also, FlexiSPY is the leading instant messaging monitoring application. When it comes to tracking IMs, no competitors come close to the depth and coverage provided by this original spy app.

  • 30+ features more than any competitor  
  • Unlike Highster, FlexiSPY works smoothly on Android 10
  • Most advanced features of any monitoring app
  • 3 Packages: LITE, PREMIUM, EXTREME to match any budget
  • Features work as advertised on Android and IOS
  • The only spy app that can be completely hidden on Android 10 Devices
  • Unique free mobile app that provides up-to-date data on-the-go available for Android and iOS
  • Industry Leading Customer Support and After-Sales Services  
  • Trusted Data Security with a proven track record
  • Trade-in Programs designed to help competitor’s scammed or unsatisfied customers