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Spy on Snapchat messages

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We’ve temporarily disabled Snapchat tracking. This is because Snapchat have recently changed the way third party applications access their data. We are currently working on a fix and it will be announced when it’s available again.

Snapchat has become one of the most popular instant messaging programs for smartphones because it allows you to send disposable pictures to people in your Snapchat contact list. FlexiSPY now captures those pictures that were sent using Snapchat that you thought were deleted and could never be seen.

Why You Need This Feature

Sending disposable pictures seems to be popular amongst teenagers these days and this led to the popularity of Snapchat. Users of Snapchat simply send a picture, set the number of seconds for it to be visible by the recipient, add a caption and then send it. Because the picture is disposable and does not remain on the recipient’s device people are more inclined to send things they shouldn’t be sending so use FlexiSPY today to reveal the hidden Snapchat pictures of people you care about.

Important Compatibility Information