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Network Connections

Internet Connection Monitoring Software — WIFI Spy App

Our Wi-fi tracker feature lets you Spy on a PC or Mac’s Network Connections. With FlexiSPY installed, you’ll be able to see a full list of wired and wireless network connections a computer connects to. FlexiSPY uploads this information to your secure online dashboard to be viewed later.

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What you can do with our Wi-Fi Spy software

  • See a list of all the networks the computer has connected to
  • Includes details such as network name so you can track their location and monitor suspicious connections
  • Ensure employees are not connecting to restricted areas on the network, or connecting to their own hotspots to bypass network security
  • Easily filter between Wired and Wi-fi connections, and see the connection status
  • Access captured network logs directly from your online portal or through FlexiVIEW, our unique mobile portal viewer app

Why you Should Track a Computer’s Network Connections

Internet connection monitoring software will provide you with insight and information that can help keep your business and loved ones safe.

Plus, with our network spy app feature — you’ll also have access to a host of more than 50 useful features.

Here are more reasons why you should continuously monitor network connections.

Benefits for Parents

Install FlexiSPY onto any laptop to track your child’s location by spying on the wi-fi networks they are connected to.

Did you know that even if a spy app is already installed on your child’s mobile phone, they could still leave you in the dark by turning off their GPS Location? Installing FlexiSPY on their laptop allows you to spy using wi-fi and ensure you can track their whereabouts more reliably. Every parent is concerned about their children’s safety — that’s why many invest in the Best Parental Control App to protect their family.

With our network connections feature, you can see the names of all the Wi-Fi networks your child connects to and get instant confirmation of where they are in real-time.

If you are a parent, then you have a duty to know

Benefits for Employers

Monitor employee internet usage with FlexiSPY with the best WIFI spy app, whether at the office or at home.

Imagine there is a pandemic, and your employees are working from home on their work laptops or desktop computers — wouldn’t you like to know if they’re really working, for how long, and in what kind of environment?

At the office, FlexiSPY can identify connections to unapproved networks, therefore detecting attempts to circumvent company network filters that are designed to prevent insider theft.

This feature can also help identify and stop unauthorized personnel from using restricted Wi-Fi. For example, your company may have a restricted Wi-fi set aside for the marketing team that needs to remain exclusive with a secured bandwidth.

Confirm any suspicions regarding employee internet usage, so you can resolve them and focus on other things important to growing your business.

If you are an employer, you have a right to know

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of answers to frequently asked questions are below.

How to track Wi-fi Signal location, or is it possible to use Wi-Fi signals to track location?

Use FlexiSPY to track a computer’s location by spying on their wired and wireless network connections.

FlexiSPY allows you to see a list of all Wi-Fi networks the device has connected to. This information includes details such as the name of the network, which can help to identify the device’s location at time of connection.

Here are 5 Steps to Spy on Location using Wi-FI Signals

  1. Check that your target desktop or laptop is compatible with FlexiSPY
  2. Install & Activate FlexiSPY on the target device
  3. Login to your online portal and visit the Network connections page
  4. You will see a list of all networks that have been connected to. Details will include connection type, network name, connection status, and the date and time stamp of each connection
  5. Enter the network name into Google Maps to pinpoint past and current locations visited

How can I track my child’s location by spying on their network connections?

By looking at the list of network connections your child connected to, you will be able to identify places that have visited, and how long they stayed at each location. For example, looking at the list you may see that your child connected to their school Wi-Fi in the morning, but then disconnected and later reconnected to a Starbucks during school hours.

If you’re a parent or an employer, you have a duty to know — Discover the truth, spy on their phone or tablet

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