Easy to Install

FlexiSPY is not only the world’s most advanced smartphone monitoring software it is also the easiest to install. The process takes minutes and our live support can help you through this process.

If you are installing on to an iPhone, please remember that you need to “Jailbreak” the device. Jailbreaking is a dramatic name for the process that allows the iPhone to run thousands of great applications that are not available on the iPhone store. The following versions of iPhone are supported.

If your device is an Android, you can install FlexiSPY directly on the device with no further fuss. However, you can only use a limited number of features. To get access to all of FlexiSPYs features, you need to ‘root’ the phone. Like Jailbreaking, it involves running some preparatory software before installing FlexiSPY. Other benefits of rooting the Android is complete invisibility (should you choose to make it invisible), as well as being able to remotely update the FlexiSPY software. The following versions of Android are supported.

The following versions of BlackBerry are supported.

The following versions of Symbian are supported.

NOTE: If your device is unable to run FlexiSPY, we will refund your money. We do ask that you work with us via live chat to help solve any problems first.