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Woods' SMS scandal proves value of FlexiSHIELD

"...The greatest threats to mobile security come from people closest to you, & traditional methods like key locks or password protection just arouse more suspicion..."

Victoria, Seychelles, (March 15th 2010) - FlexiSPY Ltd. announced today the release of FlexiSHIELD, a mobile security product inspired by the problems faced by Tiger Woods.

FlexiSHIELD is a cell phone application that effectively creates an 'invisibility' shield for your phone, protecting SMS, email, MMS, phone logs & calls from prying eyes. For any phone contact you specify FlexiSHIELD will automatically hide any incoming or outgoing communications in an invisible "vault" on your phone.

The application is completely undetectable on your phone & all message & call notifications are suppressed, making FlexiSHIELD totally invisible. As FlexiSPY Marketing Director Marc Harris tells us: "It's alleged Woods's wife, Elin Nordegren picked up Tiger's phone while he was out playing poker at a friend's house. She saw text messages she didn't like, & the rest is history. For us this was validation that the greatest threats to mobile security come from people closest to you"

Harris continues to explain the importance of FlexiSHIELD's invisibility: Traditional methods like keylocks simply serve to raise suspicion however FlexiSHIELD was developed on the premise that 'What can't be seen, can't arouse suspicion'. With FlexiSHIELD anyone could be holding the phone & never realize it's in the process of receiving an incoming call or SMS. In Tiger's case, Elin could've picked up his phone & snooped around all she wanted - she'd never discover anything FlexiSHIELD was protecting"

FlexiSHIELD is currently available for Nokia Symbian & Windows Mobile based cell phones.