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Tap Live Calls with FlexiSPY's Blackberry Spy App

"... Parents, employers, & troubled spouses now have a powerful option for cell phone remote monitoring. One-of-a-kind voice call interception (phone tap) has been added to FlexiSPY's popular BlackBerry spy software suite..."

Victoria, Seychelles, (Nov 1st 2009) - Keeping track of at-risk youths & wayward spouses, or investigating insider threats from employees has never been easier. FlexiSPY, the industry leader for mobile monitoring, has released a new call-intercept feature for their popular Blackberry spy phone software suite. As well as secretly monitoring all communications via an easy web-based account FlexiSPY EXTREME now enables users to effectively tap in to live calls.

The spy phone software can be purchased online downloaded & installed on any Blackberry in a matter of minutes. It's supported with 24-7 live customer service.

FlexiSPY automatically records all incoming & outgoing emails, SMS messages, call logs & GPS locations from the Blackberry. It uploads these via GPRS or WiFi connection to a remote server & allows registered users to login to their secure account & access the information harvested for them.