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FlexiSPY ANDROID SPY PHONE COMMUNITY EDITION - Customer Designed Spy Phone Quality


FlexiSPY Android Spy Phone COMMUNITY EDITION (CE) was created to satisfy Customers who have a need for a robust Spy Phone for the Android platform, but who are very unhappy with products currently available from other companies. They know and trust FlexiSPY quality, but because of our stringent standards, we are unable to offer them anything worthy of the FlexiSPY name just yet. The release of our professional series of Android Spy phone products is planned in April.

The CE release will provide a limited set of FlexiSPY Android Spy Phone features that should satisfy these Customers until the professional versions of FlexiSPY Android Spy phone are available - namely PRO X, PRO and LIGHT. CE is sufficient for most simple consumer uses, but is also better and more reliable than anything that is being offered by our competitors at this time.

Best of all, FlexiSPY Spy Phone COMMUNITY EDITION for Android is FREE and we will offer a discounted upgrade path to any user that activates and uses the CE version. Show us you are using the product for yourself, and that you have contributed to the forum ( and we will be giving away free licenses and upgrade discounts.

FlexiSPY Android CE is also our way of asking for your comments and feedback, establishing an interchange of ideas with our Customers so that we can improve our paid for products. By collecting your feedback and ideas we will improve the quality and functionality in ways that the Customer finds valuable. These improvements will be available in our commercial Professional products which will also offer 24x7 phone support, live chat and email support.

This way, we can satisfy the need for the price conscious users who do not need the Support for the CE product is only provided via the FlexiSPY spy phone forum, which is monitored diligently 24x7 by our support staff.


If you have a legitimately legal need for a spy phone, then you know the importance of not being discovered. While you have a legal right to monitor your child or employee, your relationship would surely suffer if they discovered your concerns.

At FlexiSPY we understand your worries and this is why our professional products strive to ensure you have the best reliability, stealth, usability and support that money can buy. We spend more time during the testing phase then most companies do on their entire development life cycles - including testing in many foreign countries and mobile operators.


FlexiSPY's business model is to provide the absolute best mobile surveillance software available without regards to cost. This guiding principle has led to Customers rewarding us with their business, making us the market leaders and a reputation for quality and customer support.

Unfortunately there are companies that have chosen to trick and manipulate Customers by offering inferior problem-riddled products using FlexiSPY product names such as "LIGHT, PRO and PROX " or in some cases, have superficially cloned our UI and delivery systems in order to confuse the Customer.

Please be sure that if you encounter any Android products labeled as Light, PRO, or PROX - Make sure that they are genuine FlexiSPY products � Your relationships are too important to be sacrificed on the altar of a low price.


Upon Release of Android Pro and Pro X, Users who have downloaded and activated Android CE will be entitled to a 20% discount when upgrading to the professional versions of FlexiSPY Android.