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FlexiSPY Spills Blackberry Secrets

Victoria, Seychelles, (MAY 2007) - FlexiSPY Ltd.

Big Brother Comes to Your PDA and Mobile Phone.

(MAY, 2007) FlexiSPY Ltd. announced today that it has released new versions of its popular FlexiSPY mobile phone spy software for Blackberry, Windows Mobile and the latest Nokia Series 60 phones.

The FlexiSPY software, which runs invisibly in the background and can only be accessed using a secret code, is available in two versions across all the newly supported devices – PREMIUM and EXTREME

FlexiSPY LIGHT automatically records all incoming & outgoing SMS messages, calls, e-mails and tracks the device location. It then uploads these logs via GPRS to FlexiSPY's remote server for later viewing and analysis. Users simply log onto FlexiSPY's secured web site and they will have access to all phone activity recorded on the mobile phone. FlexiSPY PRO includes all of the features of FlexiSPY Light plus the ability to secretly switch the phone’s microphone on from any other phone; thereby listening into the target’s surroundings.

FlexiSPY has already been used successfully worldwide to bring to light to extramarital affairs, disloyal employee activities, and to protect children from predators and SMS bullying, and the additional devices now bring these benefits to many more people.

“After launching FlexiSPY around the world, we’ve received thousands of testimonials from customers who have caught their spouses cheating on them, their children behaving inappropriately, and from company executives who have used FlexiSPY to nab disloyal employees,” says Atir Raihan, Managing Director of FlexiSPY Co. Ltd. “FlexiSPY can be used by anyone with access to a supported mobile device and is a great way to verify and deal appropriately with such activities.”

While FlexiSPY is a product that runs invisibly and collects data on mobile devices where it is installed, it is neither a Trojan nor a virus. FlexiSPY does not masquerade itself as something it is not, nor does it replicate itself as a virus would. FlexiSPY must be consciously installed on the device by a user who has physical possession of that device. FlexiSPY, the developer of FlexiSPY, does not collect or share any data with anyone.

“While spying on people may seem unethical, cheating spouses, rogue employees sharing private company data, or unsuspecting children receiving SMS messages from pedophiles are all activities nobody wants to see happen,” says MARK HARRIS. “FlexiSPY is just like the various software applications that have been around for years that you can install on your PC to monitor inappropriate activities; we’ve brought that technology to the mobile platform. The majority of private communications take place via cell phones and e-mail and there’s nothing wrong with watching out for yourself and protecting your children by monitoring those communications.”

Not only is FlexiSPY an invaluable tool for concerned spouses, parents, and corporations, but can also be used by law enforcement, financial institutions, mobile backup companies, and more. FlexiSPY is available for direct download to supported mobile devices at //

About FlexiSPY Co. Ltd.

“FlexiSPY focuses on inventing software that changes the way people work and play. By melding the best legacy and emerging technologies we offer brand new experiences to mobile users and deliver products that are always one step ahead of what others believe is possible.” For more information, please visit //