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Spy Call App Finally Available for iPhone

New iPhone Spy App turn your iPhone into a bugging devices by enabling you to remotely turn on the handset's microphone & listen in to its surroundings. This new spy app is undetectable & is designed to help parents protect troubled teens, & investigators to monitor communications.

Seychelles (July, 2009) - FlexiSPY Ltd announced today the release of the first commercially available "spycall" software for the iPhone.

What is a "SPYCALL"?

A spycall is a software feature that transforms the iPhone into a listening device by enabling the user to remotely & secretly switch on the device's microphone, thus using it to listen in to its immediate surroundings.

The new spycall feature is offered for FlexiSPY's PREMIUM & EXTREME packages which also secretly record SMS messages, Call Records, E-mails & GPS locations. The EXTREME package also enables live call tapping.

FlexiSPY develops cutting-edge spy phone solutions for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, & Nokia-Symbian devices that are widely used to supervise teenagers & employees, as well as investigate criminal activity & infidelity.

"FlexiSPY has helped thousands of people worldwide protect loved ones & understand the reasons for relationship problems. We're particularly proud of the modest part we've played in bringing criminals to justice" says Marc Harris, Marketing Manager of FlexiSPY Ltd. "Given the success of the iPhone, we're glad we can now offer these benefits to an even greater audience."