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This is the only page that FlexiSPY will ever be offered as a FREE TRIAL.

If you see another site offering our FlexiSPY as a free trial, it will certainly be malware.

Please do not download from anywhere else.

What Is The FlexiSPY Free Trial?

You can experience all the benefits of FlexiSPY PREMIUM free, for 24 hours, without any hassle, fuss or credit card needed. The FlexiSPY free trial is designed to get you up and running with FlexiSPY as quickly as possible so that you can see what it can do and why it's the best spyphone software you can buy, with more features than any other competitor.

Once the 24 hour trial has expired you will need to upgrade your FlexiSPY PREMIUM license to a FlexiSPY Extreme license to continue service. When you upgrade to FlexiSPY EXTREME you will not need the TARGET device physically to continue using FlexiSPY.

You simply upgrade your license directly from your online portal.

You will need the TARGET device physically to install FlexiSPY and use your free trial.

The trial account will be deleted from our servers after 7 days if it has not been renewed or activated. We only offer FlexiSPY Premium for the FlexiSPY Free Trial. The FlexiSPY free trial is limited to one TARGET device and one registered email address only.