Uninstall Remotely

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If your Target is an iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian or Android and you quickly want to uninstall FlexiSPY completely from their phone then you can do so using your online account. In a few clicks FlexiSPY can be removed and they will never know the difference. FlexiSPY understands the need to be covert and that is why its remote uninstall feature is not traceable on their phone.

Why You Need This Feature

It may be that they have just bought a new phone and upgraded to the latest and greatest model. You want to physically install FlexiSPY on to the new phone instead but you cannot access the old one to uninstall it. Using the FlexiSPY remote uninstall feature you can remove all traces of FlexiSPY on their phone quickly and with no traces. Stay safe, remain undetected and keep spying with FlexiSPY.