Installed Applications

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If your Target is an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Symbian and you want to see what software they have installed on their phone and what they are really spending all that time on their phone with then FlexiSPY’s phone software spying feature can help.

Why You Need To Spy on Their Phone Software

Phones are great but they can also be distracting. Instead of being used as a study aid it could be used for 24 hour Facebook chats. Being able to spy on their phone software gives you complete control over what they have installed on their phone. It allows you to see exactly when they install the software. You can even see the software icon and version number and using this information you can determine if they are installing applications they should not be or are updating applications they do not have permission to use. Only FlexiSPY gives you this much power when it comes to spying on their phone software.