Remote Spy Camera App – RemCam

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RemCam is a remote spy camera app that allows you to see through the camera of an iPhone, Android, iPad or Symbian at any time – like a second pair of eyes.

You can take control of your target device remotely and take a snapshot to ensure that you know exactly where the device is at any time.

How To Spy On Someone Through Their Phone Camera

  1. Log into your FlexiSPY online portal
  2. Select Data from the left sidebar
  3. Choose RemCam to open the menu
  4. Click top right camera button to access the remote spy camera app
  5. Two photos are taken – one with front camera and one with back (as long as target cameras are not in use)
  6. Images are automatically uploaded to the user portal – or as soon as the target camera is connected to a reliable internet connection
  7. Right click any stored images to save
  8. Download any photos to your computer for later viewing
  9. Access stored photos from our free mobile viewer app

Why You Need RemCam

There are many benefits to using a remote spy camera app. Firstly, it gives you access to information you may not have had before, including finding out where someone is or collecting data for a work matter. RemCam has many useful features:

Benefits of Phone Camera Spying for Parents

The peace of mind that comes with knowing your children are safe should not be underestimated. Your children might be on a night out – or worse kidnapped. Maybe they were due home an hour ago and you can't get them to answer your calls.

Knowing how to remotely turn on a cell phone camera lets you see exactly where your kids are. FlexiSPY can help you to make informed decisions and help keep your children safe with our remote spy camera app.

Benefits of Phone Camera Spying for Employers

With RemCam you can ensure employees who work from home are at their computers when they are billing hours or that teams who have offsite visits are actually at the site.

FlexiSPY’s remote spy camera app can also help in preventing employees from sharing sensitive information with a rival company. Gather information to protect your business and protect everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

Benefits of Phone Camera Spying for Individuals

Individual users are installing our remote spy camera app on their own devices – as well as those of their loved ones – to increase safety. Imagine you call your wife and she isn’t answering. You activate her camera and see she’s been in a car accident. Report the crash to the police or hop in your car to meet her.

RemCam is also a great way of finding your own phone or tablet if you lost it or it was stolen. Use our phone cam spy to see if it’s still at the cinema or to catch the thief who took it.


At FlexiSPY, we do our best to stay current with the latest mobile platforms. We keep an up-to-date record of device compatibility for each mobile platform and encourage you to check back often for the latest details.

We also recommend taking advantage of our worry-free installation service where one of our agents can remotely root or jailbreak your device and install FlexiSPY without the hassle!

Final Thoughts on FlexiSPY’s Remote Spy Camera App

There are many benefits to learning how to spy on someone through their phone camera. It also comes with a great deal of responsibility. Parents should discuss the use of a remote spy camera app with their children, while employers need to inform their employees when installing FlexiSPY on company devices.

Many people are starting to use phone camera spying technology as a way of finding out information they have never been able to before – as well as for use in locating lost or stolen phones and tablets. And with the ability to access and record pictures at almost any time, it is easy to see why people around the world are choosing FlexiSPY – the world’s best remote spy camera app.