Instagram Monitoring App

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FlexiSPY’s Instagram monitoring app, makes it easy for you to remotely track and view private Instagram messages that are sent to and from a target device. The software allows you to effectively protect yourself, your children, and your business from other users who may have ulterior motives.

Instagram is a fun and useful social media platform to engage your followers. Keep it that way by intervening before suspicious private chats turns into serious threats.

With FlexiSPY’s Instagram monitoring app, you can:

FlexiSPY is the best and easiest-to-use Instagram spy app for Android and iPhone – and it’s available with both FlexiSPY PREMIUM and EXTREME subscriptions.

How To View Private Instagram Messages

Getting access to the Instagram direct messages on a target Android device or iPhone is simple, and involves a few quick steps:

  1. Have physical access to the target phone that you want to install the software on
  2. Purchase and install FlexiSPY
  3. Enter the activation code you received at installation
  4. Tap “OK” and FlexiSPY will automatically upload Spy on IM Chats to your dashboard
  5. Login to your online user portal
  6. Select Data on the menu that’s located on the left of the screen
  7. Navigate down to IMs and click on it to see a list of the chats that are being tracked on the target phone
  8. Select Instagram from the list to see direct message threads
  9. View messages immediately, star your favorites for easy access later, or delete the ones you no longer need

If you get stuck at any point during the installation process – or don’t want the hassle at all – you can make use of our handy remote installation service, and we’ll do everything for you.

To have any of your questions about the software and how to use it answered, reach out to our helpful customer support team.

Why You Need To View Private Instagram Messages

A lot of information gets shared on chat platforms. While the vast majority of it is random and fun, some of it can be sensitive and have greater consequences. Tracking private Instagram messages lets you know the moment when critical information is being shared so you can limit any damage this may cause, or keep a record if you need it later on. The latest version of the app even allows you to see the Instagram Stories that are sent or received as direct messages on the target phone.

Benefits Of Our Instagram Monitoring App For Parents

Your child loves Instagram for how easy it makes it to share images of their life and interests with their friends and other followers. But, just like any other social media out there, it can invite the wrong kind of attention.

If you’re wondering how to protect kids on Instagram from exposure to unsolicited direct messages, online bullying, and potential fraud, search no more. FlexiSPY’s Instagram monitoring app is the best solution because it makes it possible to view private Instagram messages remotely, so you won’t need to inconvenience your son or daughter by taking their phone from them.

By simply installing FlexiSPY on your child’s smartphone, you’ll automatically have access to our Instagram parental controls and be able to monitor activity discreetly – allowing you to act fast if any keywords or contacts raise alarm.

Benefits Of Our Instagram Monitoring App For Employers

If you’re a business-owner, you may give your employees access to your company’s social media accounts so they can get on with the job of marketing your brand, product or service. In fact, Instagram can be a great way for your staff to showcase what you offer and to communicate directly with your customers.

View private Instagram messages being exchanged by your staff and keep track of the kinds of information being shared. More importantly, you can protect your business by ensuring that confidential business information isn’t being exposed unintentionally.

Benefits Of Our Instagram Monitoring App For Individual Use

Have you ever deleted an Instagram chat by mistake that you desperately need to get back? Do you need a backup and record of all your message exchanges? Then FlexiSPY’s Instagram monitoring app can be useful for your personal use too. Installing the software on your phone means that you won’t have to worry about losing your chat messages again, no matter how long ago they happened.

Important Compatibility Information

At FlexiSPY, we do our best to stay current with the latest chat application versions, however with frequent updates to the apps this is not always easy. Rest assured our developers work non-stop to keep FlexiSPY up to date, so you can monitor the conversations important to you.

We keep an up-to-date record of all supported application versions on each mobile platform – be sure to check back often for the latest details.

Do I Need To Root Or Jailbreak My Device To View Private Instagram Messages?

Yes. FlexiSPY’s Instagram monitoring app can be used on both rooted Android and jailbroken iPhone devices. Rooting your phone comes with the advantage of being able to access the full 150+ features offered by FlexiSPY.

Rooting can be tedious – especially with constant technology updates. That’s why we have removed any stress or hassle with our worry-free installation service.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram was launched in 2010 and is the most widely used image sharing social media platform, with 700+ million users globally. It’s available via a website, desktop application, and mobile applications.

Apart from sharing pictures, users have the option of creating and live streaming short videos using the Instagram Stories feature. Instagram Direct, an in-app chat feature that allows users to exchange private messages, was launched in 2013. FlexiSPY’s Instagram monitoring app, helps you keep track of it all.