Spy On Phone Calls With Call Intercept

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Phone calls are a great way to keep in touch with your loved ones as well as business associates, but if they’re not tracked properly, you could find yourself in hot water. Count on FlexiSPY to help you spy on phone calls taking place on target devices that you want to monitor. Our phone call spy app allows you to:

Call intercept is just one of the many features you get with FlexiSPY and it's available for EXTREME users. The sophisticated software makes it easy for you to spy on phone calls with compatible rooted Android, jailbroken iPhone, Blackberry and Symbian devices.

The key for this feature to work is ensuring the target device has conference call enabled and that the device is on the GSM network.

How To Use FlexiSPY’s Call Intercept App

  1. Have physical access to the target phone you want to install the software on
  2. Purchase and install FlexiSPY
  3. Enter the activation code you received at installation
  4. Tap “OK” and FlexiSPY will automatically activate Spy On Call on your dashboard
  5. Login to your online user account
  6. Click on the drop down menu located on the left of the screen
  7. Navigate down to Live Listening and click on it to open the Live Listening Control portal to see the status of the target device
  8. Enable Live Listening: Set current status to ON if you want to listen to incoming and outgoing calls made on a target device
  9. Set Monitor Number: Specify the phone number of the device that you want to receive SMS alerts - the same device you will also use to make the intercept call to listen in on the target device
  10. Interception Watch List: Specify if you want to intercept calls in your watch list; calls from unknown numbers; or only calls from numbers in the target phone’s address book
  11. Watch List: Enter the numbers of the phones that you wish to monitor if and when they call the target device
  12. Click Sync Now to save all your settings.
  13. Make a call from the preset Monitor Number to the Target phone after receiving an alert. Once the call is made, you will be patched in to the Target’s ongoing conversation to secretly listen in. This is imperative – if no call is made, then listening live is not possible.
  14. Mute your phone! If you can hear the phone conversation, they can hear you.

*Important note: The target device must have Conference Call enabled and must be on the GSM network. This feature will not work for devices on the CDMA network.

Why You Need To Spy On Phone Calls

Mobile phones have completely changed the way we communicate. While this modern convenience has sped up the exchange of information, it’s also made it easier to conceal things. Don’t get left out of important and private discussions that could have an impact on you. With handy instant listening, you’ll have the freedom to spy on phone calls without anyone knowing. Our call intercepting software makes sure that you’re never left exposed.

Benefits Of Our Call Intercept App For Parents

Mobile devices are great for your child’s development. Not only are they an excellent tool for learning, they also help your child to stay connected with their friends, no matter where they are. Most importantly, you as a parent also have the peace of mind of being able to reach your son or daughter easily.

Unfortunately, you can’t always control who gets hold of your child’s phone number and how this information is used. In the wrong hands, your child’s phone can be used to harm them. If you don’t want your child to be the victim of stalking, bullying or inappropriate phone calls of a sexual nature, our call intercept software is what you need. With FlexiSPY, you can spy on phone calls coming into and going out from your child’s mobile device and listen to the conversations as they happen so you can take immediate action if you don’t like what you hear.

Benefits Of Our Call Intercept App For Employers

If your business runs smoothly because you've given your employees mobile phones, you're probably looking for ways to keep your company's phone bill under control. As much as you trust your workers to use their phones responsibly, you'll always have a few employees who you may need to check up on.

Because it's so easy to set up, our phone call spying software is an ideal and affordable solution to secretly track and listen to phone calls on your company smartphones as they happen. With FlexiSPY, you can have the assurance that your team use their devices strictly for work purposes.

Benefits Of Our Call Intercept App For Individuals

Our phone call spying app can be useful for personal use too. It’s an effective solution when you need to have someone listen in on a phone call between you and another person. When it’s necessary to cover your back, intercepting your own calls could be just the protection you need.


At FlexiSPY, we do our best to stay current with the latest mobile platforms. We keep an up-to-date record of device compatibility for each mobile platform and encourage you to check back often for the latest details.

We also recommend taking advantage of our worry-free installation service where one of our agents can remotely root or jailbreak your device and install FlexiSPY without the hassle!

Does The Target Device Require Rooting/Jailbreak To Use Call Intercept?

Our phone call spy app can be used with rooted Android devices. This allows you to get unlimited access to the full 150+ features of FlexiSPY’s software. Check out this link to find out more about rooting an Android.

All Apple devices need to be jailbroken before call spying software can be used. Find out more about jailbreaking an iOS device.

Our customer support team can help you with any questions you have, or try our handy installation service.