Calendar Entries

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With FlexiSPY you can see all calendars and appointment entries for any Android or iPhone Target phone.

Why You Need This Feature

Are your employees meeting with competitors? Are your children hanging out with strangers you don't know about? If you have reason to suspect, FlexiSPY gives you many ways to find out. If they’re setting up meetings without telling you, now at least you will know about it.

On Android Target phones this feature becomes even more important, as the Android calendar is usually synced with a primary Gmail calendar. Gmail calendars may hold additional information even the Target user does not know about, based on information cross-referenced by Google between a users’ various Contacts who each have their own Google accounts across Android, G+, Gmail, etc.

If an Android user has multiple calendars or shares any calendars with other contacts, you’ll have access to all of these calendars as well. With FlexiSPY on an Android Target, you may get to see more of what Google knows about your Target user!