Remote Video Camera Spy – RemVid

RemVid stands for Remote Video camera and is a powerful mobile surveillance feature for FlexiSPY users. RemVid takes control of a phone’s camera and records a video – sounds and visuals – of a target’s surroundings.

FlexiSPY brings the world’s most powerful remote phone cam spy software right to your fingertips.

How to use the remote video camera spy

Think of RemVid as a remote cam app for video – simply activate the feature from your user portal or your mobile viewer app and the recording begins. Let’s take a closer look at how easy this feature is to use:

  1. Install FlexiSPY on the target device
  2. Log in to your online FlexiSPY account
  3. Select the RemVideo tab on the left of your user portal
  4. Click the RemVideo button in the upper right
  5. Choose the duration of the video
  6. Select Front or Rear camera
  7. Click ‘Start Recording Video Now’ button
  8. Choose to send recording command by SMS or Network
  9. Select Continue and remote surveillance recording begins
  10. FlexiSPY uploads the recorded video to your online account
  11. Watch the video directly from your portal
  12. Download the video to your computer for later remote viewing

Why do you need remote video surveillance?

You need FlexiSPY’s RemVid, because you can’t be everywhere at once. Our remote video monitor feature gives you a second pair of eyes and ears, so you can protect what’s important to you. RemVid can run in either visibly or in completely hidden mode, depending on your needs.

With FlexiSPY’s remote video camera spy feature, you will know exactly where someone is – which is extremely useful for parents with teens, companies that handle sensitive information and even for individual users who need to record a meeting with a landlord.

Once you have activated RemVid, FlexiSPY gains remote access to the target phone’s camera and takes a video – so you can see the target’s surroundings and hear what’s happening. This clip is uploaded to your online FlexiSPY account where you can watch it or download it to your computer for remote viewing at a later time.

Benefits of the remote video camera spy for parents

RemVid is beneficial for parents, because if allows them to know where their children are and that they are safe. If you suspect your son or daughter has been making poor decisions or is hanging out with a new group of friends, RemVid gives you remote video camera access to see exactly where they are at any given moment and what they are talking about. If your child ever went missing, the authorities could secretly activate remote video surveillance to record your child’s whereabouts and increase the likelihood of bringing him or her home.

RemVid is not meant as a remote phone spy, but rather as a tool to protect kids from the dangers of peer pressure, sexual predators and risky behavior.

Benefits of the remote video camera spy for employers

RemVid is essential for any business owner or manager who needs to delve deeper into business operations. Our remote phone spy recording feature gives you instant insight into office behavior while you are away on a business trip or proves that your suspicions about that one employee stealing corporate intellectual property are true. You can also use the remote video camera spy for quality control training by recording and playing back videos of client presentations.

Benefits of the remote video camera spy for individuals

Individuals will find remote video surveillance useful for everyday tasks, such as recording a job interview or meeting with a contractor – situations where verbal agreements are often made, but that are easy to go back on without written (or video) proof. With RemVid, you can be confident that you will always have evidence to support your conversations and agreements.

Supported versions and platforms

The remote video camera recording feature is available for FlexiSPY Extreme customers with compatible Android and iPhone devices. Check out this useful page for more information on device compatibility.

Does RemVid require jailbreaking or rooting?

RemVid works with compatible Android devices – both unrooted and rooted – while compatible iPhones must be jailbroken to use any of FlexiSPY’s more than 150 features. If you need assistance installing FlexiSPY or jailbreaking your iPhone, you can take advantage of our worry-free, remote installation service.

Are there any limitations to RemVid?

RemVid is an exciting feature that allows you to record video clips and watch them at your convenience. As this is a new remote camera feature – and one that we will continue improving – there are some initial limitations that our development is working round the clock to update. It’s important to keep in mind the following at this time: