Ambient Recording

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If your TARGET device is an iPhone, Symbian or Android and you want to be able to listen to their device surroundings from the safety of your FlexiSPY online account then you need to record the surroundings using FlexiSPY’s ambient recording feature.

Why You Need To Record their Surroundings remotely

You want to record the surroundings but you want to stay hidden. You also have a busy schedule on top of monitoring someone so what can you do to make sure you stay hidden but do not miss out on a thing?

FlexiSPY’s ambient recording allows you to set the time period to record and you then set it, forget and relax as FlexiSPY records their device surroundings without them knowing and then uploads it to your online FlexiSPY account.

It never used to be this easy but FlexiSPY understands that people are busy and do not have time to monitor someone all the time but, most importantly, they want to remain hidden and that is what led to us creating FlexiSPY’s ambient recording feature.

Important Compatibility Information

This feature is not compatible with dual SIM devices.


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