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Printer Monitor Software — Best Print Audit Tool

FlexiSPY’s printer tracker feature allows you to track all aspects of a print job including printer name, document name, no. of pages, document size, date and time stamps.

Once installed on the computer you wish to monitor, FlexiSPY logs the Activity and uploads them to your secure online dashboard.

Keeping track of all Print Activity is especially useful if you wish to understand paper usage, toner expenses, tracking chargeable print jobs, or detecting printing of elicit or illegal materials.

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What you can do with our Print Tracker feature

  • See all Print Activity that occurs on a Mac or Windows computer
  • Print logs show time and date stamps of each print job
  • Know the printer used, document name, document size, and no. of pages
  • Find out who printed to a network printer
  • Access and download logs directly from your online portal

Why you Should Track Print History

Have you ever wondered “how to view printer history, or printed documents history?” — and how you can do so remotely? With FlexiSPY's computer monitoring software, you’ll get reliable print monitoring for your home, school, or office.

For Employers

FlexiSPY allows you to log and audit all print jobs that occur on a PC or Mac.

Once FlexiSPY is installed, you’ll always know when a confidential document is printed and by whom, adding an extra layer of security to your company’s DLP policy. You can remotely track printer activity in real-time and view important details such as document name, number of pages, and more.

Get insight into your employee’s printing activities and find out if paper — a valuable company resource for many — is being wasted by employees printing personal documents. If any discrepancies are found, you can act swiftly to save printer ink and paper. By reducing print costs, you can improve your bottom-line in the long-term.

If you are an employer, you have a right to know

For Parents

Parents can use our printer tracker to track the amount and type of material that your children are printing.

Use FlexiSPY to track all print jobs on your family PC or child’s MacBook. Our cross-platform compatibility makes FlexiSPY for Computers a standout when it comes to the best Parental Control Apps.

If you are a parent, then you have a duty to know

For Individuals

Install FlexiSPY onto your own computer to know whether someone has printed a private file off your machine without your knowledge.

Moreover, because FlexiSPY is much more than just printer monitor software — giving you features like browser history, screenshots, email tracking, and more — you will be able to know everything that’s been happening on your computer while you were away.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of answers to frequently asked questions are below.

How to check printer history?

To track and monitor print jobs:

  1. Check whether your device is compatible with FlexiSPY’s computer monitoring software
  2. Install & activate the software
  3. FlexiSPY will log all print jobs sent from the computer
  4. When a print job is detected, data is logged and uploaded to your online FlexiSPY portal for your viewing

You can use FlexiSPY for Computers to check your printer history on any PC or Mac. Keeping logs of print jobs help you keep track of your business or home expenses. For example, with FlexiSPY for computers, you’ll know when an employee or family member is misusing the printer.

How do I view previously printed documents?

FlexiSPY helps you track all previously printed documents.

If you need to find a previously canceled print job or simply want to keep track of daily printer activity in your home or office, then FlexiSPY is the choice for you.

With FlexiSPY you will be able to track all printed documents and get key details including:

  • Printer Name
  • Document Name
  • Document Size
  • No. of Pages
  • Date and Time Stamps

Our computer monitoring software offers over 50 useful features including Desktop Screenshots, Instant Messenger, and Email tracking as well as browser search history to ensure that you’ll know everything that occurs on a PC or Mac computer.

If you’re a parent or an employer, you have a duty to know — Discover the truth, spy on their phone or tablet

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