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FlexiSPY’s LINE messenger spy app, gives you the ability to remotely monitor LINE on a target’s phone in real time. It’s the perfect tool for parents concerned about who their children are chatting with and for employers who need to ensure their employees are using the LINE messenger app for work purposes.

With over 600 million registered users, LINE is one of the world’s most popular chat applications. And with this growth comes a greater need to know exactly what kind of information is being shared – and how safe it is for those involved.

LINE gives users access to free messaging, free voice and video calls, games and the ever-popular stickers. The “free” factor makes it very attractive to kids and employers keen on reducing costs.

Our LINE messenger spy app lets you:

Once you have purchased FlexiSPY, you can start monitoring LINE messenger information right away.

How To Monitor LINE Messenger Conversations In 10 Simple Steps

  1. Confirm target device compatibility.
  2. Purchase FlexiSPY mobile monitoring software.
  3. Install FlexiSPY on the target device.
  4. The LINE messenger spy app automatically uploads data on to your online dash board.
  5. Log into your online FlexiSPY account.
  6. Navigate to the Data tab.
  7. Click IMs and select the LINE messenger app icon.
  8. Voila! There you have all the captured information.
  9. Select Starred to mark conversations for later use.
  10. Search lets you locate specific keywords or phrases important to you.

Why You Need The LINE Messenger Spy App

We live in a nomophobic generation where it’s nearly impossible for both kids and adults to be away from their phones and applications – and LINE messenger is one such app that keeps individuals glued to their screens.

Our LINE messenger spy app is superior to others in that it allows you to spy on LINE stickers, emoticons, contacts and sent and received messages. FlexiSPY has 24/7 support and is easy to install – we even have an installation service that removes any hassle of installation or jailbreaking/rooting a phone.

Lastly, our spy software lets you circumvent LINE’s secret chat feature by capturing data before it is automatically erased from the phone and server. This guarantees that you have all the information that you need.

Let’s look at the benefits of our LINE Messenger spy app.

Benefits Of The FlexiSPY LINE Messenger Spy App For Parents

As a parent, you are aware of the risks that are involved in children having uncensored internet access. They are bombarded with information and are an easy prey to LINE messenger scams and sex predators. As much as you cannot keep them physically from such attacks, as a parent you can always be a step ahead by secretly monitoring their LINE app activity.

With this information you can see if your children are violating your trust, teach them about responsible online behavior and protect them from bullies and predators.

Benefits Of The FlexiSPY LINE Messenger Spy App For Employers

Employee productivity is your business, and you need to make sure it stays as optimal as possible. Monitoring LINE messenger conversations can help you see if your employees are using the application for work or for play.

This is especially important for businesses with sensitive information, because employees can easily take snapshots of tables and figures and share it in groups (or with those outside the company).

With all these possibilities, it is important to monitor your employees’ LINE messenger activities to know what exactly is going on and see if information is shared innocently or with malicious intent.

Benefits Of The FlexiSPY LINE Messenger Spy App For Individuals

Our phones are us, and we store so much information through our IM apps. These could be photos of moments we cherish or deep conversations we have heard on LINE messenger. What happens when we lose our phones? Most of time we lose our data too. With FlexiSPY’s LINE messenger spy app installed on your phone, however, will have a backup of all your messenger info and can download it at any time from your dashboard. You can also search through key words to locate a message instead of going through a whole conversation.


At FlexiSPY, we do our best to stay current with the latest chat application versions; however, with frequent updates to the apps this is not always easy. Rest assured our developers work non-stop to keep FlexiSPY up to date, so you can monitor the conversations important to you.

We keep an up-to-date record of all supported application versions on each mobile platform – be sure to check back often for the latest details.

Does The Target Device Require Rooting/Jailbreak To Use The Feature?

This feature works on compatible rooted Android and jailbroken iPhone devices.

In case the target Android phone is not rooted, learn how to root it here. Or read here for more information on jailbreaking an iPhone.

We also recommend taking advantage of our worry-free installation service where one of our agents can remotely root or jailbreak your device and install FlexiSPY without the hassle.

What is LINE Messenger?

LINE is a freeware app for instant communication where users can share text messages, images, videos, stickers, audio files, make VoiP and video conference calls. LINE allows you to add friends by shaking your phones simultaneously. You can also send stickers and emoticons. Lastly, it has a hidden chat feature that allows you to hide and delete a chat history from devices and LINE servers. These features make it appealing to a wide audience, which is why you need our LINE messenger spy app.