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Take a video using the phone's camera with our Hidden Video Recorder feature

RemVid (Remote Video) is a unique FlexiSPY feature that allows you to remotely and discreetly take control of a phone’s camera and use it to record videos. Once FlexiSPY has been installed on the device you wish to monitor, videos captured with RemVid are uploaded to your secure online portal for convenient viewing later, making it the perfect tool for concerned parents or employers to protect their child or business.


What you can do with RemVid - our Hidden Video Recorder feature

FlexiSPY brings the world’s most powerful remote phone cam spy software right to your fingertips. Think of RemVid as a hidden remote camera app for video – simply activate the feature from your online dashboard and the recording begins. This feature lets you

  • Take control of a phone’s camera and record videos
  • Records sounds and visuals of target surroundings
  • Download, filter, and store videos
  • View videos from your secure online dashboard, or from our unique mobile portal viewing app - FlexiVIEW

Why you need our Hidden Video Recorder feature

You can’t be everywhere at once. Our hidden video recorder feature gives you a second pair of eyes and ears, so you can protect what’s important to you.

With RemVid, you will know exactly where someone is at any time – which is extremely useful for parents with teens, business owners worried about rogue employees, and even for individual users who for example may need to record a meeting where there’s a verbal agreement.

Benefits for Parents

Do you suspect your child is hanging out with the wrong crowd or is sneaking out at night? RemVid lets you see exactly where they are at any given moment and lets you listen in on what they are talking about. If your child ever went missing, use RemVid to secretly activate remote video surveillance to record your child’s whereabouts and increase the likelihood of locating your child.

Benefits for Employers

RemVid is essential for any business owner or manager with a desire to protect their company from rogue employees. Our remote phone spy recording feature gives you instant insight into office behavior while you are away on a business trip or proves that your suspicions that an employee is stealing corporate property are true. In another scenario you could use RemVid for quality control purposes by recording and playing back videos of client presentations.

Benefits for Individuals

Individuals will find our hidden video recorder feature useful in everyday tasks — such as recording a job interview or a meeting with a contractor, situations where verbal agreements are often made but that are easy to go back on without written (or video) proof. With RemVid, you can be confident that you will always have evidence to support your conversations and agreements.

How does it work?

FlexiSPY is easy to setup and use

If you’re a parent or an employer, you have a duty to know — Discover the truth, spy on their phone or tablet

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