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Spy on Email with our Email Spy App feature

Our email spy app feature allows you to view sent and received email messages from the target's device. Once installed on the device, FlexiSPY will capture all emails and upload it to your secure online portal for convenient viewing. It’s simple for you to preview all the data collected from email monitoring from inside your online FlexiSPY account, and you can even download the emails to your own device for later access.

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What you can do with our email spy app feature

FlexiSPY’s email spy app allows you to instantly read all incoming and outgoing email messages, without detection. This is useful for parents, employers, or even for individual use.

Our email spy app allows you to

  • Read HTML emails in their original format, including all pictures and text
  • Track emails via date and timestamp
  • View all contact details of senders and recipients
  • Star important messages for easy access later

Why you need our email spy app

For businesses and individuals, email is often the chosen medium of communication when sending important personal or sensitive information. For example, the ability to spy on email messages can help businesses prevent data leaks, either nipping any inappropriate correspondence in the bud by warning or terminating the infringing employee. There are many reasons why parents, employers and individuals alike need to spy on emails. Let’s take a closer look at how email monitoring can benefit you across all aspects of your life.

Benefits for Parents

Email monitoring is an incredibly resourceful tool for keeping current with your kids’ activities. As parents, we are naturally concerned about the welfare of our children. Use our email spy app feature to ensure they do not communicate with someone inappropriate for their age or prevent your child from being cyberbullied or from becoming a bully themselves.

Benefits for Employers

Employee email monitoring software is an invaluable way to manage staff and prevent important company information from being leaked. Employers can view all emails and contact details for your employees as well as anyone with whom they are communicating.

Our email spy app is also a very important tool for flagging inappropriate inter-office communication or even as a means of preventing – or proving – sexual harassment. Star important messages for easy access or download email messages to keep in employee files.

Benefits for Individuals

Use FlexiSPY’s email spy app feature to back up or archive your conversations. Perhaps you need to access information from an old work or personal account or would like to protect your information in case of a power outage or a hacker. This monitoring feature is also useful for anyone who forgets their password or gets locked out of their account. Our search feature makes it easy to locate keywords – like a forgotten password – quickly and efficiently.

How does it work?

FlexiSPY is easy to setup and use

If you’re a parent or an employer, you have a duty to know — Discover the truth, spy on their phone or tablet

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