Delete SMS

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If your Target is an iPhone Android or Symbian and you wish to delete any incoming SMS messages which contain keywords that you specify, then FlexiSPY and its SMS keyword feature are here to help. To get started, from inside your online account simply enter the keyword phrase that you wish to be deleted and then if they receive an SMS containing the keyword it will never appear on their device so they will never know that SMS existed.

Why You Need to Delete Their SMS Messages Based on Keywords

Some 80% of mobile plans are prepaid, meaning users get an SMS alert reminding them when their credit is running low. Because FlexiSPY uses credit to upload captured data, such credit alert SMSs present a risk that the target user will discover your spying activities. To avoid this, simply specify the keywords that appear in the SMS you wish to delete. FlexiSPY will read incoming messages and when it detects your keywords will delete any SMS that contains them. The user will never receive such “nuisance” SMS messages again— and you’ll never get caught spying.