Deactivate Remotely

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If your Target is an iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian or Android and you quickly want to deactivate FlexiSPY completely from their phone and stop it working then you can do so using your online account. It takes just a few clicks to safely deactivate FlexiSPY on their phone and then it will lie dormant until you either uninstall it remotely or activate it again. FlexiSPY takes secrecy very seriously and ensures that their software is completely hidden and that is why we made it so easy to deactivate FlexiSPY remotely.

Why You Need This Feature

It may be that they are planning to change phones. To be safe you simply deactivate FlexiSPY, uninstall it and physically reinstall it on to their new phone. Because you may not always be able to get their old phone to do this FlexiSPY allows you to deactivate itself remotely saving you both time and effort and allows you to quickly get back to spying on their latest phone.