FlexiFLESH: World's First Hacking App for Sex Toys

Take remote control of anyone’s erotic pleasure device without them knowing

Only $349.99

Hot on the heels of the discovery of a gaping software vulnerability at DEFCON, FlexiSPY is ecstatic to announce the release of FlexiFLESH.

What is FlexiFLESH?

FlexiFLESH is a mobile app through which users can actually hack into the vulnerability of any compatible Bluetooth sex toy, including its speed, power and settings, even when it’s in use - bringing new meaning to the term Coitus Interruptus. And by overriding any manual controls, FlexiFLESH allows consenting couples and strangers to get virtually closer than ever before.

Focus on Fun, Let FlexiFLESH Do the Work

FlexiFLESH features the proprietary Climax Tracker with advanced sensory technology that monitors changes in body temperature, heartbeat, blood flow and muscle activity. This data, along with setting preferences, session times and location updates via FlexiFLESH’s GPS Probe are collated into graphical Climax Reports. Users also rave about our Remote Pleasure Control feature, which lets anyone take over your device.


  • Bluetooth enabled.

    Access any compatible adult pleasure device using Bluetooth

  • Climax Tracker

    Advanced sensory technology monitors changes in body temperature, heartbeat, blood flow and muscle activity and actually collates the data into graphical Climax Reports

  • Climax Report

    Collates FlexiFLESH data, including information from the Climax Tracker, user preferences, session lengths, device location - for easy reading pleasure

  • GPS Probe

    Receive real-time device location updates so you never miss a vibration

  • Online Portal

    Wide open access to recorded data, set specific alerts and change your settings

  • Remote Pleasure Control

    Take remote charge of a sex toy’s power button, speed and preference settings – even when in use


FlexiFLESH is able to hack the following erotic devices.

The FlexiFLESH app is available for Android, iPhone, Symbian & Bada –
Apple Watch version coming soon!

Wide Open Access

Your own personalized online portal provides wide open access to all of FlexiFLESH’s innovative features, including Climax Tracker, Climax Report, sex toy setting preferences, session times and location updates via FlexiFLESH’s GPS Probe. Imagine what possibilities arise with knowing someone’s personal titillations - exactly what to do, when to do it and for how long.

The Birth of FlexiFlesh

Last year’s Def Con hacking conference saw two ethical hackers expose the vulnerability of We-Vibe 4, a Bluetooth compatible sex toy, to third party data interception and remote takeover of the vibrator – begging the question: ‘How deep can hacking penetrate?’ Enter FlexiFLESH, literally.

With consumer protection at the forefront of corporate cybersecurity focus, it is no surprise that red flags were raised when the most intimate of products was hacked at Def Con. FlexiFLESH seized the opportunity to hack this vulnerability and has now taken this threat to the Internet of Things and turned it into a Thing of Fantasy.


Note: It is important to note that while FlexiFLESH is designed for use between consenting adults, appropriate and legal use of this product is the responsibility of the user. Read your local laws regarding the use of this technology and to always ask permission before installing it on someone’s device.

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