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One of the greatest social revolutions of the 21st century is taking place all around us but it's almost completely unnoticed by anyone above the age of 21.

Your Child and Cell Phone Technology

Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not the mobile phone is already the favored form of communication for an entire generation. According to a study published in September of 2009 by the prestigious Pew Internet and American Life project, mobile phone messaging (aka texting or SMS) has already become the favored medium of communication for American teens:

  • SMS outranks face-to-face communications by a stunning 21%!
  • 84% of girls and 67% of boys text on personal matters
  • 50% of all teens send over 50 text messages daily

New Frontiers Pose New Threats

Never in mankind's history has a single technology been adopted as rapidly as the mobile phone. It took Apple only 2 years to sell over 50 million iPhones. Not only have mobile phones taken over our lives quickly there really is no escaping them. By their very nature cell phones are ubiquitous. In fact, chances are you have one on your person right now.

The social consequences of this mobile revolution are only just beginning to unfold and the shock waves will be with us for decades to come because humans, unlike technologies, evolve at a much slower pace. The problem is our kids can't wait that long. They need guidance now.

The Mobile Menace

This revolution is being led by teens and although this can be a cause of great pride to us all, it should also be a source of concern. Remember all the dumb things you did when you were a teen?... The crucial difference between our teen tumbles and today's is that we didn't have to worry about having our shenanigans haunt us forever. Cell phone cameras, social networks and YouTube mean that every teen-ish tomfoolery can potentially damage a child for life, and unfortunately far too many do:

  • ...a couple's breakup led to the girl's naked image being forwarded to everyone at school which ruined high school for her... (Washington Post)
  • ...The exploits of the Bethesda preteen... He persuaded girls to send him nude photos... then charged pals for the peep show. The principal called the cops... (Washington Post)
  • ...18% of teen boys and 22% of teen girls say they've sent, or posted online, semi-nude pictures or videos of themselves... (Washington Post)

If these stories made you cringe in horror, just wait until you read the following stunning fact:

  • ... Over a quarter of teens reported having been harassed by someone else via their cell phone... 15-30% received a suggestive or nearly naked image of someone they know (Pew Research Center)

Today's Teens Require As Much Guidance As Ever

Just because our kids know how to operate an iPhone in their sleep doesn't mean they've got the mental maturity to do so responsibly. Why would they?
They're kids!
Today – as in the past – kids need two things above all else if they are to develop into healthy adults: parental love and guidance

You Need To See Beyond Their Real Life Activities

Designed to provide parents the tools they need in order to extend their parenting into the mobile world today's kids and teens are immersed in, FlexiSPY is a powerful mobile phone application that gives you almost complete control over your child's mobile device. It enables you to:

  • Locate your child instantaneously
  • Protect your child from cyber predators
  • Prevent bullying
  • Provide parental supervision
  • Encourage responsible mobile usage

Once downloaded and installed on your child's phone you will be able to monitor as much of your child's cellular activity as you feel you need to:

  • Monitor all e-mails, SMS messages, call logs, chats*
  • Pinpoint your child's location via GPS and cell phone network data
  • Turn the phone on remotely in order to listen to the surroundings
  • Listen to live calls in progress.

Regardless of how you to choose to use your software, having FlexiSPY installed on your kid's cell phone could spell the difference between life and death when they're in an emergency.

"...The percentage of teenagers who have sent or posted nude or semi-nude pictures or video of themselves: 30% of teenagers overall; 22% of teen girls; 18% of teen boys; 1% of young teen girls ages 13-16 ..."

We recommend FlexiSPY EXTREME solution to best protect your children

However feel free to explore our full product line

Benefits to you:

  • Allows you to keep real-time tabs on whom your child chats, e-mails and exchanges SMS messages with
  • Ability you to judge via GPS positioning where they REALLY are vs where they SAY they are
  • Kids may try changing the phone’s SIM card to avoid your attempts to supervise them. SIM Change Notification will alert you if they try this.
  • Ability to analyze and identify their network of contacts
  • You can search their message history for key “hot” words that you set
  • You can set up alerts for specific numbers so that you can listen in to live calls

"...51% of teen girls say pressure from a guy is a reason girls send sexy messages or images; only 18% of teen boys cited pressure from female counterparts as a reason..."

"...52% of teenage girls used sexting as a "sexy present" for their boyfriend..."

"...The National Crime Prevention Center study found that only 10% of those kids who were bullied told their parents about the incident, and that only 18% of the cases were reported to a local or national law enforcement agency..."