how to catch a cheating wife


Let's catch her!

Women DO have sex drives, and MANY women cheat

It's an unhappy fact that 45-55% of women have some form of affair during their relationship. So the possibility that your wife or girlfriend is cheating isn't really as farfetched as you might initially think...

Isn’t it BETTER to know?

Infidelity in a long term relationship has devastating personal, social and economic impacts affecting not only the couple, but their children and friends as well. Consider the complications resulting from the fact that 3.3% of all children born are fathered as a result of infidelity.

Although we're ill equipped to discuss the morals of infidelity, we're very capable of helping you discover if your wife or girlfriend is cheating, and providing you with the necessary evidence to address the issue from a position of strength and not one of weakness. This is something you should take into serious consideration, especially if you're contemplating separation or divorce, with the inevitable issues involving custody and distribution of communal property and assets such measures entail.

Catching a cheater can be tricky

Women are genetically less prone to infidelity than men seeing as from an evolutionary perspective they tend to be risking more should the affair be discovered. The immediate result is that women who do cheat usually do so in a well planned and discrete fashion, making it exceedingly difficult for their men to know they're being cuckolded.

Women are better at lying than men

Further advantages women have in their favor when it comes to infidelity are their naturally superior communication skills and their intuitive sensitivity to nuance and gestures. Studies confirm that although men lie more often than women, women are actually much better at it - they carefully create a scene, construct a theory, and have alibis ready on hand if confronted. Women are much more capable of looking you straight in the eye and lying.

The bottom line is that we men are at a significantly disadvantage when it comes to catching a cheating wife based on intuition alone. But don't lose hope: Social networks and cell phones are quickly becoming the preferred methods for planning and pursuing affairs. The convergence of these two technologies in today's smartphones (Blackberry, iPhone, Android, etc.) presents a unique opportunity to even out the odds.

Her mobile phone can probably help you catch her

Gaining access to your cheating wife's cell phone is the single most effective method for quickly and indisputably substantiating your suspicions of her affair. Here are a few tips to help you out:

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  • A committed woman is unlikely to give her phone number to an unfamiliar man her phone number. Identifying numbers associated with unknown men in your wife's call log could be the first step in discovering who she's having an affair with.
  • FlexiSPY gives you full access to her call and SMS logs, enabling you to know what numbers she's contacting and with whom they're associated.
  • Cell phones allow portable and discrete usage of multiple communication channels - text messages, calls, chats, etc. They're very useful for contacting a lover and planning secret liaisons. An SMS saying: "Need 2 c u so much!" is all the evidence you'll ever need ...
  • FlexiSPY gives you access to all the communication streams connecting to your cheating wife's mobile phone. Every communication can be accessed even if it has been deleted from the phone itself.
  • Conducting an affair requires your cheating wife to frequently lie about her location. Get in the habit of calling her and asking where she is, then later confirm her location via her cell phone's positioning systems (GPS and Network cell ID)
  • FlexiSPY enables you to track her location in real-time allowing you to follow her alleged footsteps and verify if she really is "with my girlfriends shopping" or in a shared hotel room on the other side of town...
  • Cell phones can be used to remotely listen in on their surroundings. With the right type of spy software any smartphone can be used as a sophisticated remote activated bugging device.
  • FlexiSPY lets you conduct "SpyCalls", remotely activating the phone's microphone to listen in on its surroundings. This is particularly useful once you confirm she's not actually where she told you she was. You could actually capture a recording of her in the act.

Catch your cheating wife / girlfriend and put your mind at rest

Cheating has terrible consequences: broken families, HIV, STDs, emotional anguish, and life wasted that could've been spent with a partner who'd be a better match for you. The good news is that with FlexiSPY you now have the tools to confront your wife's cheating and make the changes you need to regain your dignity, pride and quality of life.

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