Become a FlexiSPY Partner

Up to $140 per Sale with Best-in-Class Product in Evergreen Niche

FlexiSPY is the original developer of spy phone software since 2005. We have the reputation for top quality product and customer support in the industry, because we sell to the corporate and government markets as well as to consumers.

Our products are priced from $68 to $349, which means you can earn up to $140 (40%) from a single sale of FlexiSPY Extreme software – a product with highly sought-after features that no competing product has.

Our Affiliate Program

FlexiSPY affiliate program runs on a simple principle: we pay you a commission on every sale that you make. That is, you get paid for every customer that reaches our website through your referral link and ends up buying our product. Even if the customer that you referred didn’t end up paying, your affiliate cookie will stay in their browser in 120 days. So if your referred customer will make a purchase in the future, you will still get your commission as the first referrer.

Not only that, most of our licenses are recurring (customer gets billed monthly or trimonthly), and you get paid for all renewals as well! And the more you sell, the better commission rates we will give you as a quality partner.

Why Should I Promote FlexiSPY

  1. There are many products in the mobile spy software industry. However, FlexiSPY has unique features that make our products stand out and attract customers:
    • FlexiSPY Extreme (our top-tier product) has call recording, call interception and surroundings recording features. No other product offers all these features and you have the opportunity to promote a unique product to customers looking for it.
    • All FlexiSPY products have the option to operate in completely hidden mode. This is very important to many customers and makes our product stand out.
  2. Our average checkout is around $180 – much higher than the competition. That means that our top affiliates make more than $70 on average per single sale – much better than what competition pays.
  3. Some of our competitors instruct the affiliates not to refer to their products as “spying products”. We place no such restrictions and it makes it easier to promote our product in any way that would be efficient for your traffic.
  4. FlexiSPY affiliate program runs on Avangate – one of the largest affiliate networks for software. It means that a trusted third-party handles your affiliate tracking and payouts.

Commission Rate Structure

There are three tiers when it comes to commissions that you get. Premium tier is partners with at least 40 sales a month and VIP tier is partners with at least 100 sales a month.

  • Basic tier get 25% of all sales and renewals.
  • Premium tier get 30% of all sales and renewals.
  • VIP tier get 40% of all sales and renewals of yearly licenses and 35% of sales plus renewals of shorter licenses.

How Do I Get Paid?

Our affiliate program runs on Avangate – a huge affiliate network focused on software. To work with us, you register as an affiliate on Avangate and they handle your payments. Avangate sends payments by PayPal, wire transfer or through a Payoneer credit card, on each 20th of the month. Minimum payout is $100.

OK, how do I become a FlexiSPY affiliate?

  1. Sign up to be a FlexiSPY affiliate on Avangate. You need to submit one of your websites during registration. It can be both a mature affiliate marketing website or a simple blog, or even a page on one of the free website builders.
  2. Once your registration is complete, generate your affiliate link to FlexiSPY product.
  3. Use your affiliate link for promoting FlexiSPY in any of your channels: website, social, e-mail marketing, etc.
  4. Get paid at the end of the month.

Affiliate Resources

Various banners, product boxes and an occasional discount code are on our FlexiSPY Affiliate Resources page.

A FlexiSPY Affiliate Guide is also available.

We are always available to give you more information by email: or Skype: